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11.10.2014 19:57

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This evening, HC Metalurg had their best match in the new season of the Velux EHF Champions League, but that was not enough to mark our first victory. We have a lot of arguments to be sorry for the outcome of the match today, but there are also reasons for being displeased with that was happening in the “Arena Zagreb”, especially in the last 15 minutes of the match.

It was a hard game to play and also to watch. Both teams had tough defense line, and there were many elements of a rough game. The match was marked by some ineffective attacks and few goals, so the score board showed just 3:2 for the home team in the 15-th minute.

We did not start the match as we planned, so we waited for our first goal for five minutes when Mojsovski reduced the score to 1:2. We were chasing the opponent’s score during the first half of the match in which they were constantly keeping an advantage of one to two goals. We had more than ten chances to equal the score, but still we went on a half time break with a negative of two goals, 8:10. In this half, HC Metalurg was a completely equal opponent, and it was evident that our players were hungry for success.

The second half brought a fundamental change – we were the better opponent who definitely deserved to win.

In the 40-th minute with Ojleski’s goal, we managed to equal the score to 13:13, and in the 44-th minute, we scored two more goals (Djukic and Atman) and then we took the lead with 15:13. HC PPD Zagreb was completely lost on the court, and we were in a triumphant gust which announced our first victory. Then, you saw what happened; we ended up quickly with four players on the court, and HC PPD Zagreb decently came in a position to make a series of 3:0 and to take the lead again in their hands for 15:16.

HC Metalurg did not surrender and fought bravely until the end of the match. The last few minutes were the hardest thing to observe. A lot of things happened, and the outcome was a victory for HC PPD Zagreb with a result 19:17. Of course, the home team was pleased, because they added two more points to their account, while HC Metalurg marked their third defeat this season.

The efforts and the performance of our team are promising and they are showing that the fight for the Last 16 phase is not finished.

HC PPD Zagreb – HC Metalurg 19:17 (10:8)

HC PPD Zagreb: Stevanovic, Ivic (11 saves), Mihic 2, Brozovic 2, Stepancic 2, Sprem, Sebetic, Rakovic, Horvat 9, Susnja, J. Valcic 1, T. Valcic, Obranovic 1, Kovacevic, Lukacec, and Pavlovic 2.   Seven metre throws: 7/7.            Suspension: 8 minutes.

HC Metalurg: Mitrevski (7 saves), Kocic, Ojleski 2, Dimovski 1, Lipovina 1, Georgievski 1, Mirkulovski 2, Markoski, Mojsovski 2, Atman 3, Cindric 4, Neloski, Jonovski, Marsenic, Borozan, and Djukic 1.             Seven metre throws: 2/3.       Suspension: 8 minutes.

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