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23.12.2014 16:12

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Representatives from HC Metalurg, led by the president of the Handball Academy, Toni Ristevski, yesterday visited Kratovo, where on the occasion of the patronal day of the Koco Racin Elementary School, our two schools from Kratovo and Makedonska Kamenica had two meetings. The school from Kratovo, which holds its training practices at Koco Racin Elementary School, is led by Kristina Mladenovska, and the school from Makedonska Kamenica, which holds its training practices at St. Cyril and Metodius Elementary School, is led by Mirjana Gosevska.

The poor conditions and the low heating in the sports hall in Kratovo did not dampen the enthusiasm among the young players, and the guests from HC Metalurg were impressed by the fighting spirit that was evident in both of our schools, but also it was also evident the devotion of our coaches. What was even more impressive was the huge number of spectators who had come to watch the matches.

On the programme, there were two matches, in two different age categories. Although the result is not important on this kind of event, still both of our schools were the winners.


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