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22.11.2014 22:40

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HC Metalurg has kept its promise.

In a highly difficult and dramatic match, our players managed to win and dedicated this victory to their fans. Although the arena was not entirely full, the spectators left SC Boris Trajkovki with smile on their faces, because they witnessed a determined fight in which won the desire and the obstinacy of our players who fought for the honour of the club which has dealt with a lot of problems recently.

The players had a really difficult task this evening in SC Boris Trajkovski. It was a tough and uncertain match until the very last second. There were times when it seemed that HC Metalurg could quickly obtain the suitable goal margin. But, there were also times when we feared for the final outcome of the match. The Spanish team proved to be a hard nut to crack, so they were constantly keeping either an advantage of few goals or were losing with few goals.

In the first half of the match, we were leading more often, we even had an advantage of three goals, but the guest team would always find ways to get back in the game and even to take over the lead. Five minutes until the end of the first half, La Rioja was leading with 13:14, and we went on a half-time break with 15:16.

The drama continued in the second half. HC Metalurg’s players used all of their strength to change the score and to acquire the desired victory. Both teams were constantly switching the lead, but La Rioja was the team that had the two points in their pocket on two minutes before the end of the match. Maybe, they had exactly this in mind, but then they faced the well-known Macedonian obstinacy and the boys who never give up. Nikola Mitrevski, Vanco Dimovski and Naumce Mojsovski directed an end that even Hitchcock could be jealous of. First, Mitrevski saved a sitter, which could have resulted with an advantage of two goals for the guest team, and then Dimovski equaled the score to 28:28. La Rioja’s players had 34 seconds to organize their last attack, but they made a beginner’s mistake, so Naumce Mojsovski was there to punish them with a winning goal on three second before the end of the match.

Naumce Mojsovski has had his best match this season and has scored 11 goals. Renato Vugrinec was right behind him with ten goals. Mirevski had 11 saves and one save from the penalty line.

In the last second, Filip Taleski was disqualified for preventing the action of the guest team.

HC Metalurg – Naturhouse La Rioja 29:28 (15:16)

HC Metalurg: Mitrevski (11 saves + one seven metre shot), Misovski, Dimovski 1, Djukic, Georgievski 1, Jonovski, Kukoski, Manaskov 1, V. Markoski, N. Markoski 1, Mirkulovski 3, Mojsovski 11, Ojleski, Neloski, Taleski 1, and Vugrinec 10.   Seven metre throws: 2/3.
Suspension: 6 minutes.

Naturhouse La Rioja: A. Aguinagalde, Cacheda Gonzalez, Eilert 2, Fernandez Perez 2, Garabaya Arenas, Garcia 7, Gomez, Goncalves 4, Jimenez 1, Garcia Rubio, Rocas, Rodriguez Alvarez 5, Romero, Sanchez Migallon 3, Stenmalm 2, and Vigo 2.                    Seven metre throws: 2/3.        Suspension: 10 minutes.

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