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09.02.2013 19:47
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Metalurg handballers lost the game in Velenje with result 23: 19 (10:10). We witnessed harsh and anxious clash in which the victory was deserved by the home team.

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The defeat, no matter how unpleasant it is, doesn’t mean the end of our fight for the second position in the group C. Until the cycle’s end there’re two more rounds and several matches directly affecting the final placement. Metalurg lost by 4 goals, and in the case of the same amount of points with Gorenje side of, hold the advantage because of the of Skopje’s more convincing win. Just to remind, in Skopje, Metalurg won with result 30:23. Probably the match from the last round will be decided, when team of Gorenje meets team of Kielce. Unfortunately, on that match, Cupik, Strlek and Buntik won’t be available. All three of them have done a surgery and now they’re in rehabilitation process. After today’s defeat, Metalurg’s second place doesn’t depend only on us.


Metalurg started well on today’s match. We led, and had advantage in the 6th minute with 3 goals, 2:5. Right in that period started larger match crisis. In the 17th minute, team of Gorenje for the first time took the lead which lasted to the very end. In the 25th minute we had critical minus 3 goals, 10: 7. But with a series of 3:0, Metalurg leveled the game, 10:10 and half time break began with that result. It seems that we failed to use Stanik good saves, being 6 in this part of the game, on the account of Gaik who only had 2 saves. The rhythm of our game was disturbed by the 5 suspensions in the first half time.

We also started good in the second part. In the 36th minute, with result 13:13 we had the opportunity to return the lead. However, we failed, and Gorenje used that with series of 3:0, 16:13. 55th minute was most critical when Gorenje was one step behind our lead from Skopje. But at the end Metalurg restored and stop it.

The match was decided by our bad period from 36 to 53th minute, because of the many technical turnovers and allowing the opponent to score 8 goals and we responded with only two.

It’s obviously that Metalurg is not at its best and our key handballers are those showed the least. However, there’s time for corrections and most important matches are still ahead.


0:1, 2:5, 7:6, 10:7, 10:10 – 13:13, 16:13, 21:15, 22:18, 23:19

gorenje-1_resizeGorenje – Меtalurg  23:19 (10:10)metalurg-1_resize

Gorenje: Gajic (6 saves), Taletovic, Bezjak 7, Dolenec 5, Gams 5, Cehte 3, Melic 2, Gaber 1, Bajram, Cingesar, Dobelsek, Dumovic, Golcar, Miklavcic, Ovnicek and Pucelj.   Penalties 2/3. Suspension: 8 minutes.

Metalurg: Stanic ( 8 saves + penalty), Angelov (2 saves), N. Mojsovski 7, Manaskov 6, Vugrinec 2, Georgievski 1, Rakcevic 2, Dimovski, Jonovski, Markoski, Doder, Mirkulovski 1, Kozlina, Z. Mojsoski, Alushovski and Levov.   Penalties: 4/5. Suspensions: 10 minutes (all in the first half time).

Judges: Ferenc Bonifert and Victor Olah from Hungary.

Delegate: Yiri Konecki from Czech.



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  1. very well done with english translation of the contents. I am impressed. Usually the ENG links on macedonian web sites are dead. This is an effort that worth´s an applause.

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