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18.10.2014 23:20

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HC Metalurg has experienced some difficult moments on today’s match against the German champion. Each of us secretly hoped that we will break the series of defeats in the best possible way – with a victory against a team like THW Kiel. Unfortunately, instead of this, we have suffered one of the most terrible defeats in the European competitions so far; a defeat that is illogical. We have witnessed a poor show by HC Metalur in all segments of the game, there were a lot of technical errors (21), the defense was permeable, there was barely any physical contact with the opponent’s players, and our goalkeepers were terrible, so in the first half of the match, both had only two saves which is 8 percent from all the shots.

This game resulted with a defeat in the first half which ended with a result 15:22 in favour of our opponent. Indeed, we cannot remember when was the last time when HC Metalurg received 22 goals in just one half. It was unbelievable.

After three minutes in the second half of the match, the advantage for THW Kiel was ten goals, 15:25, and then there was the German execution.

Interesting fact is that even after a match like this one which completely disappointed our fans, HC Metalurg still has chances for the next phase in the Velux EHF Champions League. We have completed the first part of the competition which, due to the difficult schedule and the result crisis, has left us without any points. We will have a one-month break which is enough time to consolidate the team, and then to try to respond in a good manner at least where we can in the second part of the Velux EHF Champions League. The key is the duel against the tough nut Naturhouse La Rioja. Two victories against the Spanish team, first on their court and then on ours, would help us a lot and would bring us back in the centre of attention. Brest Meshkov and HC PPD Zagreb lost in Spain, and we need exactly these two points to bring us back into the game. Therefore, do not write off HC Metalurg beforehand. The crises come and go, and HC Metalurg proved many times that in difficult times they always find the light at the end of the tunnel.

We know how our fans feel. We know that this is difficult for them. We hope that our real fans will find strength and will help us overcome the crisis. We need your help more than ever.

HC Metalurg – THW Kiel 27:42 (15:22)

HC Metalurg: Mitrevski (2 saves), Kocic (6 saves), Ojleski 1/1, Dimovski 6/6, Vugrinec 5/8 (3/4), Georgievski 2/3, Manaskov 1/2, Mirkulovski 2/3, V. Markoski, Mojsovski 3/5, Atman 4/6, Cindric 2/4 (1/2), Jonovski, Marsenic 1/2, Borozan 0/1, Djukic 0/1.          Seven metre throws: 4/6.          Suspension: 6 minutes. Lost balls: 21.

THW Kiel: Sjöstrand (6+1 saves), Palicka, Sonne-Hansen (1 save), Duvnjak 8/9, Tof Hansen 0/2, Sprenger 1/2, Weinhold 3/5, Wiencek 4/5, Ekberg 5/6, Canellas 7/8 (1/1), Dahmke 1/3, Klein 6/6, Vujin 7/11.          Seven metre throws: 1/1.      Suspension: 4 minutes.
Lost balls: 8.

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