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04.10.2014 18:52

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HC Metalurg was defeated in the second round of the Velux EHF Champions League, by Brest Meshkov, with a result 28:24 (12:10). Unfortunately, we ended up without points after the second round of the Velux EHF Champions League, too.

At the beginning of the match, our team was under a lot of stress which resulted with four technical errors in a short period, so after 15 minutes we were losing with five goals, 8:3. In the following period, HC Metalurg managed to stabilize their game and in the 22-nd minute, the team reduced the advantage of the opponent to two goals only, 9:7. This goal margin prevailed until the end of the first half, 12:10.

In the 20-th minute, Stojkovic from Brest Meshkov and Manaskov from HC Metalurg received the red card.

The first 30 minutes of the second half of the match went in a fierce and equal fight. HC Metalurg was constantly step away from Brest Meshkov, and we missed two opportunities to equal the score. In the crucial moments of match, we made few mistakes (Djukic, Marsenic, and Borozan) which the opponent used to acquire even higher advantage. In the last 10 minutes, it was evident that we lost our focus and the goal margin increased to the highest +7. We started playing better in the last three minutes when we reduced the advantage to four goals for a final score of 28:24.

Both our defense and the goalkeepers had a bad day, especially Kocic who saved only two shots. Luka Cindric and Filip Mirkulovski played marvelously and together scored 16 goals (Cindric scored nine and Mirkulovski seven goals). Lipovina scored four goals.

Brest Meshkov – HC Metalurg 28:24 (12:10)

Venue: Sports complex Victoria, spectators: 2000.

Brest Meshkov: Pesic (11 saves), Charapenka, Babichev 2, Baranau 1, Bozovic 3, Kamyshyk, Karacic, Manojlovic 3, Nikulenkau 5, Razgor 2, Rutenka 1, Shumak 1, Shylovich 3, Spiler 1, Stojkovic 2, and Vukic 4.           Seven metre throws: 2/2.       Suspension: 10 minutes.          Red card: Stojkovic (20-th minute).

HC Metalurg: Kocic (2 saves), Mitrevski (7 saves), Borozan 1, Cindric 9, Dimovski, Djukic 1, Georgievski 1, Jonovski, Kukoski, Lipovina 4, Manaskov, Markovski, Marsenic, Mirkulovski 7, Mojsovski, and Ojleski 1.             Seven metre throws: 4/4.        Suspension: 6 minutes.            Red card: Manaskov (20-th minute).

Referees: Csaba Dobrovits and Peter Tajok (Hungary), EHF delegate: Marek Szajna (Poland).


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