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21.05.2015 00:18
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HC Metalurg convincingly defeated RK Radovis on the away match from the sixth round in the Macedonian play-off. Our players won with a result 29:22 (14:22).

The first half was marked by an equal fight, in which both teams were constantly switching the lead. RK Radovis fought back, but still at the end of the first half, HC Metalurg managed to increase the advantage and to leave on a half-time break with +2.

Things started falling into place for our team in the second half. The difference in quality between both teams became more apparent and HC Metalurg quickly acquired an unattainable advantage. The final score was 29:22 and this goal margin was bigger than the one we had obtained in the first round on our court (26:20).

Vojvodic, who scored seven goals, was the best player in our squad for the second time in a row. Djukic and Ojleski scored six goals, respectively.

RK Radovis – HC Metalurg 22:29 (12:14)

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