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30.11.2014 23:00
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HC Metalurg has marked another defeat this season in the Velux EHF Champions League. In Paris, we were defeated with a high goal margin by Paris Saint Germain; a defeat which we could not avoid. Our opponent was quite motivated, but we demonstrated much poorer game than we did on the previous match against Naturhouse La Rioja.

It could be said that we were an equal opponent in the first ten minutes of the match, and then only the home team existed on the court. We were totally outplayed and suffered a terrible, but deserved defeat with a result 24:35 (10:19).

If we can find any positive thing on this match, it would surely be the brave performance of our young players who absolutely used their chance and scored 9 goals in total: Nikola Markoski – six, Martin Manaskov – two, Marko Neloski – one.

If, according to many parametres, the match against Paris Saint Germain was already lost, that will not be the case for the next match on Saturday, 6 December. In Skopje, we are going to welcome the team of Brest Meshkov and on this match we are going to seek our chance for winning some new points.

Paris Saint Germain – HC Metalurg 24:35 (10:19)

Paris Saint Germain: Omeyer, Annonay, Melic 1, Accambray 5, Csaszar 2, Gojun 3, Vori 2, N’Diaye 1, Gunnarsson 2, Abalo 2, Hansen 4, Narcisse 1, Honrubia 2, Kopljar 6, Barachet 1, and M’Tima 3.             Seven metre throws: 2/2.            Suspension: 2 minutes.

HC Metalurg: Mitrevski, Misovski, Ojleski, Vugrinec 4, Neloski 1, Georgievski 3, D. Manaskov 4, M. Manaskov 2, Mirkulovski, Kukoski, V. Markoski 1, N. Markoski 6, Dimovski 2, Mojsovski 1, Jonovski, and Djukic.           Seven metre throws: 1/2.           Suspension: 4 minutes.

Referees: Kursad Erdogan and Ibrahim Ozdeniz, from Turkey.

Delegate: Ferdinand (Ferry) Van der Helm, from the Netherlands.


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