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27.02.2015 22:58

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After five victories in a row, HC Metalurg’s cadet team has marked its first defeat. In the hall “Avtokomanda”, the peers from HC Vardar were better than us and won the match with a result 21:18 (7:8).

We saw a dynamic and excellent match in which both teams were dominant in different half. HC Metalurg was better in the first half, when it had a constant lead of one to two goals and finished it with a minimal advantage of 8:7. Both teams were excellent in the defense, but were rather disorganized in the attacks.

Our opponent was dominant in the second half. The turnover happened in the period between the 39-th and the 45-th minute, when HC Metalurg was leading with 12:10, but then HC Vardar’s players made a series of 6:0 and took the lead with 12:16. On few occasions, our opponent had even an advantage of +5 goals, but at the end it was reduced to 18:21. Our defense played poorly in this period, and even the efficiency in the attacks was not good either, so HC Vardar deserved the victory.

However, HC Metalurg is still on the first position in our group, because we had won the first match in SRC Kale with a result 24:19 (12:8).

In the last minute, there was a small incident on the court after one rough foul against Stojkovski, but the referees quickly cleared it out with two red cards for Stojkovski from HC Metalurg and for Jagurinovski from HC Vardar.

Dimitar Dimitrioski was the best player on the court and scored seven goals, but it is also worth mentioning the 15 saves of the goalkeeper Blazevski, although Trpevski from HC Vardar had almost the same number of saves.

HC Metalurg – HC Vardar 18:21 (8:7)

HC Metalurg: Blazevski (15 saves), Petkovski, Sulevski 1, Stojkovski 1, Zdravkovski 1, Dimitrioski 7, Ilievski 1, Stojmenov, Silegov 4, Lembanov, Tankoski 2, Smilevski, Mitrevski, Lazarevski, and Bekjarovski 1.             Seven metre throws: 5/6.        Suspension: 4 minutes.            Disqualification: Darko Stojkovski (60-th minute).

HC Vardar: Trpevski, Kurtanovic, Dimov 1, M. Nikolovski, Anastasovski 2, Trajkovski 2, Dimitrov 2, Apostolovski 4, Stojov, A. Nikolovski, Arsenovski 3, Jagurinovski 1, Amzovski 1, Mircev 5, Stepanovski, and Stojanovski.    Seven metre throws: 3/3.        Suspension: 8 minutes.            Disqualification: Tomislav Jagurinovski (60-th minute).

Referees: Viktor Nacevski and Daniel Bozinovski from Skopje.

Delegate: Mamer Rexhepi from Skopje.

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