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24.02.2013 23:24

Team of Metalurg presented an unusual spectacle on today’s match against Silkeborg. Without the burden of winning, Metalurg’s handball players played for the audience and their numerous fans. And they did quite a show, real handball party impressing the full arena and the numerous viewers following the match on their TVs. This is a rare victory especially in a repute league like the Champion League. Silkeborg went through a real Golgotha, through our mill that simply triturated them. The end of the match was also the end of their suffering.

We all expected to win today. We all expected to play a good game. But honestly, nobody expected such a victory. The beginning itself spoke a little. It was just an equal match in which we led till the 6th minute and Silkeborg from 6th to 17th. Then there was a period where we dominated the game as an introduction to the visitor’s catastrophe. Half time ended with solid 4 goals advantage for Metalurg.

In the second halftime everything changed. Darko Stanik returned to the goal and the defense changed to 5+1, we closed all the accesses to the goal and for 21 minute we received only one single goal and it was a penalty kick. We scored 8 goals. Stanik’s exploit will be remembered for a very long time. He stopped 10 one offences one after another and he didn’t receive a goal for 21 minute. Incredible!

The gamely offence was used by Kozlina, Vugrinec, Mojsovski and Rakcevic who simply pierced the goal of the poor Danish. Silkeborg, home of one third of the Danish silver representation, it seem that haven’t realized yet what befall on them on the hot parquet in “Boris Trajovski”.

Metalurg steadily becomes a real punitive expedition. During the last two matches we beat the competition with an amazing 32-goal difference.

In the second halftime we received only four goals with which again we leveled the record in the Champion League.

Metalurg won 14 points, a record for a Macedonian team. Those are somewhat less than the total number won by the others Macedonian representative in their games in the Champion League in male competition.

On Tuesday we’ll find out our next eight-final opponent. As we all know it will be one of the three teams: Atletiko Madrid, Dinamo Minks or Chehovski Medvedi.

The only black spot on this match is Dejan Manaskov’s injury whose severity will be discovered tomorrow.

Metalurg – Silkeborg 32: 18 (18:14)

Metalurg: Stanic (14 saves), Angelov (2 saves), Kozlina 7, Mojsovski 6, Vugrinec 6, Rakcevic 5, Dimovski 2, Levov 2, Manaskov 2, Batinovic 1, Georgievski 1, Alushovski, Doder, Jonovski, Markoski and Mirkulovski. Penalties: 2/3. Suspensions: 2 minutes

Silkeborg: Shian, Jakobsen, N. Nilsen Oris, M. Nilesen Oris, Olafson, Mortensen, Lauge, Shmid, Jorgensen, Kirkegard, Grin, Toft Hansen. Bare, Kristijansen, K. Nilsen and Shiling. Penalties: 1/1. Suspensions: 6 minutes.


Cervar: “Of course I’m pleased with this game and victory and to my handballers I can say only one thing- well done boys!   I congratulate for the great play although on the beginning of the match the defense was 6-0 and we didn’t play well and the opponent knew how to use that. However, when we started playing in formation 5-1, everything fell into place; we started playing right and eased our way to the triumph. I want to thank the fans for their fantastic support. The only thing that worries me is Dejan Manaskov’s injury, and don’t know how severe it is, his knee is still warm and we cannot tell the type of injury he has, but I really hope it won’t be a bad news.”

Mirkulovski: “In the first halftime we didn’t have the necessary defense level but the offense was great. In the second halftime we gave our best in the defense, led by fantastic goalkeeper Stanik. We tried to break our own record and to receive only three goals in a halftime but unfortunately it didn’t happen. I expect to continue successfully and to play even better on the next matches.

Karsten Albrektsen: “I congratulate Metalurg for the great play and their second place in the group. I’m shocked and disappointed from today’s game. The second halftime was beyond all standards and I’m really ashamed.”

Shian: “I totally agree with the coach. We couldn’t score a single goal in the second halftime. Darko saved every goals, he’s a great goalkeeper. Their defense functioned excellent. Once more they proved they’ve the best defense even in the whole Champion League, and definitely in the SEHA-League. I think that all Silkeborg players failed. Although this game didn’t make changes in the result still we should’ve play better and in a way to be a creditor for Danish clubs. We didn’t do a thing and that’s the result.

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