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06.12.2014 22:52

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This evening, we had a run of bad luck. In a dramatic finish, HC Metalurg let the victory slip through their hands on just two seconds before the end of the match. The last minute was more than controversial. We had an advantage of one goal and an attack in our hands. On 30 seconds until the end of the match, Mojsovski scored a goal which should have been a signal for joy, but quite unexpectedly it was disallowed. After ten seconds, Pesic saved the key shot, and Brest Meshkov had an opportunity to organize the last attack in 15 seconds. You already know the epilogue.

Today, our players fought like lions and absolutely deserved to win. Indeed, we have been losing in most part of the match, but we did not yield at any second and did not give up. The last five minutes were legendary. The turnover was initiated by the audience whose support for our players literally erupted in the arena. It seemed that this atmosphere was the best that our fans have created so far. Our encouraged players made a series of 3:0 for total turnover of the result. Unfortunately, this was not enough for the victory.

The importance of the points and the uncertainty of the match were the reasons for the repeated scenes which could have led to an incident, and the brutality of the guest team was their trade mark, so that was why they were awarded with 14 minutes suspension.

Today, we should have celebrated with an advantage of five to seven goals, but a higher power did not us let get the victory, stated Rastko Stojkovic on the press conference right after the match. Everyone saw if any of it were true, but we did not get a chance to find out what was the higher power that the arrogant Stojkovic was talking about.

After today’s draw, HC Metalurg’s chances, which were already slim enough, now have become unrealistic and less than minimal.

HC Metalurg – Brest Meshkov 27:27 (12:14)

HC Metalurg: Mitrevski (9 saves), Misovski, Dimovski, N. Markoski 3, Manaskov 8, Ojleski, Georgievski 1, Djukic, Jonovski, Kukoski, V. Markoski, Mirkulovski 5, Mojsovski 6, Neloski, Taleski, and Vugrinec 4.    Seven metre throws: 4/7.     Suspension: 6 minutes.

Brest Meshkov: Pesic (19 saves + 2 seven metre shots), Astrashapkin, Babichev, Baranau, Bozovic 5, Charapenka, Kamyshyk, Manojlovic 5, Nukulenkau 1, Razgor 1, Rutenka 4, Shumak, Shylovich, Spiler 4, Stojkovic 6, and Vukic 1.         Seven metre throws: 3/3.        Suspension: 14 minutes.          Red Card: Spiler (3 suspensions).

Referees: Andre Hansen and Oistein Pettersen from Norway.

Delegate: Janko Pozeznik from Slovenia.


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