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01.11.2014 20:10

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In an interesting, dynamic and on occasions an uncertain match, HC Metalurg’s cadet team was better than their peers from RK Struga. Although we won with a high goal margin of 26:19 (15:10), we still had to put a lot of efforts to defeat the tough team of RK Struga.

The guest team had the control at the beginning of the match, when they took the lead with 0:1, then with 1:2, and 2:3. After nearly 15 minutes, HC Metalurg took over the initiative and then took the lead with 4:3 and kept it until the very end of the match. We went on a half time break with an advantage of five goals, 15:10.

A real fight broke off in the second half, so the opponent slowly reduced our advantage to two goals only, 18:16, 19:17 and 20:18. But in the critical moments, our players became more focused, so in the last ten minutes, they completely broke the opponent. The final result on this match was 26:19.

Stojmenov and Tankovski were the best scorers in our team with six goals each. Markovski scored the exact number of goals for RK Struga.

HC Metalurg – RK Struga 26:19 (15:10)

HC Metalurg: Obrenovic, Petreski, Sulevski, Stojkovski 2, Zdravkovski 3, Dimitrioski 3, Stojmenov 6, Silegov 3, Petkovski, Lembanov, Tankovski 6, Smilevski, Mitrevski 1, Lazarevski, Bekjarovski 2, and Gosevski.      Seven metre throws: 4/4.       Suspension: 2 minutes.

RK Struga: Zatarakovski, Klenkovski 5, Radinovski, Gjorcevski 1, Simonovski 1, Dimoski 1, Sipinkarovski, Stojanov 5, Ruseski, Markovski 6, Kosteski, Petreski, Matoski, Mandovski, and Elmazovski.        Seven metre throws: 4/4.     Suspension: 6 minutes.

Referees: Ismail Metalari and Nenad Nikolovski from Skopje.

Delegate: Stevo Kostencev from Skopje.

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