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Metalurg is a club whose majority of players participate in Macedonian representation, while the school of Metalurg has 10 youth, 12 cadet and 10 pioneer representatives in their lines.

In 1971, under the patronage of Skopje’s Zelezarnica was founded handball club Metalurg, and in 1974 the first junior team started playing and 42 years after its formation Metalurg today is one of the biggest handball clubs in Europe. Beside the first team, Metalurg’s greatest pride is the Academy of Handball.

The admirers of handball who are leading the club and its former players, Chairman Risto Cokrev, Levce Kitevski, Krsto Petrushevski, and Toni Ristevski deserve the credit for Metalurg’s operation being alike that of the other great European clubs. Dedication towards the handball club Metalurg and the desire for prosperity brought the idea to the former Metalurg’s player, now head of youth schools, Ristevski after finishing his playing career in 2003, in agreement with Cokrev and Kitevski, of founding the very first school of handball, operation in the frames of the club.

The handball school of Metalurg started to work in the primary school “Stiv Naumov” in Avtokomanda and primary school “Panajot Ginovski” in Butel. Wide perspectives for development of handball in 2010 initiated the formation of the Handball Academy of Metalurg, resulting with today’s six school in Skopje and five more in Macedonia, holding a membership of around 500 children born in 2000 or younger.

– Mini-league of handball, formed in 2005, is the greatest pride of Metalurg, place where annually children from Metalurg’s schools compete in, according to their age and sex.


Metalurg is proud of the work and dedication of the young players.

– Our schools made the top handball representative, like Stojance Stoilov, Dejan Manaskov and Goce Georgievski. There are at least six more players of Metalurg Junior knocking on representation door, the future base of the representation. Coach Lino Cervar was admired by the club’s policy, and its sponsor Minco Jordanov, and right after his arrival started actively to participate in youth’s trainings, especially in Metalurg Junior- says Ristevski.

Ristevski had to face with two issues while managing the schools- gyms, although there are a lot in Skopje, yet many of them are either low standard or located in periphery hence the distance presented a problem for children, and also the deficit of professional staff coaching them.

Although the gym issue is still unsolved, Metalurg managed the problem with the professional staff by engaging former players of Metalurg as coaches, who after finishing their active career wanted to transfer the knowledge to the younger handball enthusiasts.

Jovic and Brestovac

The best example of a sports ground partnership of Metalurg Junior are Danilo Brestovac and Aleksandar Jovic, who after finishing their playing careers continued to work and teach the young their experience.

– It is a great honor and responsibility that with only one season spent in Metalurg, chairmen Cokrev granted me the coach office of the young players- says the former player of Metalurg, Vardar, Pelister and Jafa, the representative Jovic.

He didn’t hide the pleasure that it was a great honor being part of this collective. In the last three years cooperation with Cervar helped him a lot and also the condition coaches Daniel Jurisic and Valter Vuleta, assisting him in the job and team’s preparation.

Metalurg Junior has exceptionally talented and quality players and they are the future of Metalurg and Macedonia.

– It is a big pleasure, for me as a coach, that after the three-year effort with these young talents, this season we have players although being 16-17 years old, play side by side with the teams of the Super League, and recently some of them played in the Regional League together with Metalurg’s first team- claims Jovic.

Danilo Brestovac, representative and former goalkeeper of Metalurg, Vardar, Tutunski kombinat is also engaged in all the categories of Metalurg. Daily, he spends 12 hours in Avtokomanda gym, teaching the goalkeepers from all club’s categories and he also works as Cervar’s assistant together with Aleksandar Petrovski (an ex-player of Metalurg) and he’s coaching the first team’s goalkeepers.

– It’s not hard at all to do a job that you love and know hence the biggest pleasure and satisfaction is when a coach finishes his job right and that happens when some of his students, in the future, will mention him as a man who taught them most in sport- says Brestovac.

Metalurg is a club whose majority of players participate in Macedonian representation, while the school of Metalurg has 10 youth, 12 cadet and 10 pioneer representatives in their lines. The process of creating and raising a player takes minimum 8 years of dedication and engagement. Metalurg Handball Academy continues with their plans and processes to create top players and representative of Macedonia.

Author: Tanja Dimitrioska

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