02.04.2013 15:34

Kielce’s coach, Bogdan Wenta, extended his contract by three years with the club. As it says on the official Kielce website, signing this contract made both parties happy.

Bertus Servaas, chairman of Kielce: “We are pleased with the extended cooperation with Bogdan Venta. Our continuous and fruitful collaboration resulted in a great impulse in club’s development. We’ve become respectful and recognized brand in Europe and our coach contributed a lot.”

Bogdan Wenta: “I’m so glad that the club administration looks positively on our ambitions. To me, this is just a confirmation that plan from 2008 is reasonable and well-thought-out. We advanced the handball, club’s progressing on organizational and promotional level, and I’m just a link in the chain. I appreciate player’s trust and the high goals we’ve set. However, not to forget that what we’ve done yesterday, today’s already part of our past and we need to work hard to face new challenges“.

This is Bogdan’s fifth season coaching Kielce. In the last four years, Kielce reached the title of Polish championship for three times and won the Polish cup for four. It’s successfully  competing in the Champions League, four years in a row, qualified twice in the eight-final stage and it finished the group stage this year without a single lost point and qualified in the eight-final, facing our Metalurg.

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