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The regular press conference was held right after the match THW Kiel – HC Metalurg.

Lino Cervar: “THW Kiel showed a really good game in which dominated the fighting spirit and the professionalism, and I wish them to win the trophy in the Velux EHF Champions League. You know about what has happened in HC Metalurg and that more than 16 players have left the team, so because of that, today we have played with the young boys from the junior team, who obviously lacked the experience in the first half of the match. Although we played poorly and did a lot of mistakes, still I am satisfied with my team which has a bright future, but needs a lot, I mean a lot of training sessions, and a lot of hard work.”

Alfred Gislason: “It was hard to get ready for this match, because we aware of the big changes that have happened in the team considering our first match. But, we knew that HC Metalurg will arrive with a lot of young and talented players. I am sorry that the coach Lino Cervar will have to start again from scratch in forming the team, especially because HC Metalurg was one step away from the Final Four last year. Today, there were 8700 fans in the arena and I think that we have shown then a good handball.”

Marko Buvinic: “Today we played against one of the best teams in the world and we stood up against them with our young team. We can learn a lot from a match like this one. We want to be better, which implies that we must not repeat the mistakes we did today.”

Rasmus Lauge: “It feels great to play again in front of our fans who gave us their support this evening. I am glad that I played again for THW Kiel after such a long time.”


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