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Today, HC Metalurg has held a press conference on the occasion of the upcoming match from the sixth round of the Velux EHF Champions League, against Naturhouse La Rioja.

Lino Cervar, HC Metalurg’s chief of the professional staff, and Vanco Dimovski, the vice-captain of the team, stated their opinions in front of the media representatives.

s7_resie_resizeLino Cervar: “We are looking forward to the re-match against Naturhouse La Rioja, after the rough ten days in the club. We played on the first match with a rather different line-up which was consisted of Macedonian players. I must admit that I am content with both the efforts and the fighting spirit of my players on that match. Mirkulovski has had his best match in the EHF Champions League so far, and both Mojsovski and Vurginec showed good game, too. Still, we were handicapped on the back line positions, because there was just one player to cover for each position, and we could not keep the same rhythm during the whole match. We will play on the re-match with the same line-up, but I believe that we will play better and that the defense line will be more solid and will help to accomplish our aim which is to get to our first victory. I believe in my boys, in their obstinacy and the desire to win, and I think that we were written off too soon. I am glad that I have been part of this club, I have respect for my players and I will never forget these wonderful years. Five years ago, we were an absolute outsiders and it is a great honour that we have found ourselves among all of those big handball clubs. Both the players and the club must have respect for each other, they must fight for what belongs to us. HC Metalurg is the reigning Macedonian champion, and the results can be seen at the end of the season. For the past few years, HC Metalurg has created something that no other team in Europe has ever done, and Macedonia has something to be proud of. With this squad, we will fight until the very last drop and will proudly play in Europe. I am always an optimist. We must respect the team of Naturhouse La Rioja, because they have two excellent players for each position. I would like to point out their outer positions on which they have excellent players with powerful shots and they can cause us a lot of trouble. We will play the match against the Spanish team for our fans, because they deserve that,” stated Lino Cervar.

dimovski_resizeVanco Dimovski: “Naturhouse La Rioja is a team that has some serious intentions to see themselves in the Last 16 phase. They come from a country which is the reigning world champion. We have entered this part of the season with half a squad, so we could not do much more on the match in Spain, but we hope that we will make our fans happy on Saturday. Our aim for the next three matches is to win six points against the rather weaker opponents, and then we will see where we stand. We are always motivated; we have got used to winning all of these years and we have created a champion’s mind set, so now we feel awful when we lose. Of course, we are concerned about the actual situation, so we will not give up and we will fight until the last drop and achieve as much as we can.”

s366_resizeLevce Kitevski: “I thank all our supporters who we certainly intend to repay. We will do everything to bring back HC Metalurg in a grand manner. These are very difficult times for our team, but HC Metalurg is back on track, although this will leave big scars. However, we took a new path, and both the time and the results will tell if we have chosen the right one. Anyway, all that matters are the overall results.”

 Photo: Igor Banskoliev, “N.Makedonija“.

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