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“It’s needless to give complements for Paris Saint Germain. It’s just enough to know that the annual budget is estimated at 15 million euro including players like Hansen, Narcis, Abaloa, Kopljar, Vori, Gojun and Casar is a substitute so it’s obvious we’re talking about a giant. They are the favorite team but the hope is not forbidden and we need to stay positive. Everything is possible in sports hence we must prevent the opponent from becoming powerful and to eliminate our technical fouls in offence” says Metalurg strategist, Lino Cervar.

–         Metalurg achieved its first goal in the Champions League by gaining two points in Bern.


“We  should learn an important lesson of the match against Wacker Thun including our first points in the face of the favorite Paris Saint Germain which both with Barcelona stay the greatest favorite for the title of the Champions League,” claims Lino Cervar.

.-         For him, the pivot’s position was the weaker part of Metalurg’s strategy.


“I wouldn’t like to highlight or criticize my players. It’s true that N. Mojsovski scored most goals-7 and Vugrinec 6 but neither should be undermined Manaskov’s three goals. What came as a weakness in Bern was pivot’s game strategy which lacked goal-scoring. We need to work harder on this position because without the help of the pivots it’ll hard to play,” states Cervar.

-According to him the results were expected.


“I’m not surprised with first round results which in my opinion are normal. I congratulate to Vardar for the point gained against Barcelona but at the same time I’d think that citizens of Skopje with players like Dibirov and goalkeeper Malumbres including the other new back-up players it’s not to be sneezed at,” says Cervar.

It’s dubious whether the suspension of Filip Mirkulovski in the last minute of the match in Bern due to keeping the ball, EHF will interpret it as penalty over a player which means suspension from the next match or an ordinary red card. The decision is expect to arrive these days.

Author: Goce Ilkovski, Nova Makedonija

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  1. Браво момци, им го земавте скалпот тука, сега останува таму да им го земете чаламот таму.
    Најбитно од се покажавте колку се големи МАКЕДОНЦИТЕ, им поклонија 2 гола и 3 неправди, али Вие се покажавте достојни и не потклекнавте на таквите судуски финти е тоа се вистински професионалци, браво само во победи и многу среќа без многу емоции и со ладни глави па на крај победи и славење.

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