01.05.2013 21:10

This evening was played the postponed match of the first playoff round. Team of Kumanovo suffered a total debacle on the match against team of Metalurg. Match result was 40:13 (19:7).

From the very beginning it was obvious that Metalurg was particularly motivated and that Kumanovo will face some difficulties. When the primary strength weighting was over, Metalurg started pumping up rival’s goal. Already near the middle of the first halftime we acquired six-goal advantage, 10:4 and near the end increased to 12 goals, 19:7. Darko Stanic saved nine goals and Zlatko Mojsoski entered the scorer list for nine times.

During the second halftime, Nikola Mitrevski stood before our goal collecting eight saves till match end and also the rest of the squad on the ground got replaced. Levov, Naumovski, Doder, Mandic, Jonovski, Markoski and Alushovski literary sieged opponent’s goal. Average started increasing minute by minute and for short period reached the limit of +20, 30:10. Our greatest advantage was obtained in 59th minute, 40:12.

Zlatko Mojsoski was our most precise player by scoring 11 goals. Just in one week team of Kumanovo’s experienced a second big defeat inflicted by Metalurg. Metalurg Junior fought out great victory and Nikola Kosteski scored 11 goals on that very match.

HC Metalurg- HC Kumanovo 40:13 (19:7)

HC Metalurg: Stanic (9 saves), Mitrevski (8 saves), Rakcevic 1, Levov 5, Dimovski 1, Naumovski 3, Georgievski, Mirkulovski 2, Markoski 4, Z. Mojsoski 11, Doder 1, N. Mojsovski 1, Jonovski 3, Mandic 3, Alushovski 3 and Korazija 2. Penalties: 0/1 Suspensions: 2 minutes.

HC Kumanovo: Arsovski, Spasic, Blazevski, Nestorovski 1, Tasevski, Ekinovic 4, Kuzmanovski, Ristic, H. Dimkovski, Ivanovski, Miladinovski, Trajkovski, L. Di,kovski, Dimitrioski 5 and Georgievski 2. Penalties: 0/1. Suspensions: 4 minutes.

Judges: Zipevski Vaso and Gjorgevski Sasho from Gostivar.

Delegacy: Korunovski Stevo.

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