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Yesterday, there were handball games in Delcevo, in which our handball schools from HC Metalurg’s Handball Academy of this region in Macedonia took part. The matches were friendly and were held in the magnificent hall at “Metodija Mitevski-Brico” Elementary School.

Children from our handball schools from Delcevo, Vinica, Makedonska Kamenica, and the new one from Kratovo took part in the handball games. The children were divided into three age categories, boys and girls from generation 2000/1, boys and girls from generation 2003/4, and girls from generation 2004/6.


RK Astra Sport (Makedonska Kamenica)

RK Bregalnica (Delcevo)

RK Toro Sport (Vinica)

RK Koco Racin (Kratovo)

The results were not so important, but here they are:

Boys, 2000/1: 

Astra Sport – Toro Sport  3:8

Bregalnica – Astra Sport 12:14

Bregalnica – Toro Sport  7:8

Girls, 2000/1:

Koco Racin – Toro Sport  7:1

Toro Sport – Astra Sport  3:1

Koco Racin – Astra Sport  6:6

Boys, 2003/4:

Astra Sport – Bregalnica  8:6

Girls, 2003/4:

Astra Sport – Bregalnica  8:3

Bregalnica – Koco Racin  5:6

Astra Sport – Koco Racin  9:8

Girls, 2004/6:

Astra Sport – Bregalnica  8:4

Koco Racin – Toro Sport  7:1

Toro Sport – Astra Sport  3:1

Koco Racin – Bregalnica  6:6

We used these handball games to officially promote our handball school from Kratovo:

We have prepared a lavish photo gallery which will be published later, and now we are going to present you the coaches:

After a lot of socializing and matches, the children returned to their towns by buses. We left too, until our next meeting in some other hall, in some other town. This is how HC Metalurg’s Handball Academy develops.

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