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When you are 18 and you cause a thunderous ovation in a full arena, when thousands of fans shout your name – then you must be a player with an extraordinary talent. We speak of Filip Taleski, the young boy from Krusevo, a true offshoot of Metalurg’s handball school, a player who has become a favourite among the Macedonian sports public in a very short period of time. He is probably a unique example in the European handball, because at the same time he is part of the cadet, junior, and senior national handball team.

He had his debut for the Macedonian senior national handball team in Athens, but the course of the match did not allow him actively to help his older and much experienced colleagues. However, he did play on yesterday’s re-match in Skopje and scored his first two goals for the national team.

At the moment, Filip is resting in his hometown of Krusevo, but he shared with us his impressions from yesterday’s match.

– What did the head coach Obrvan advise you before you entered the court?

– The head coach approached me and told me to relax. He told me not to be afraid, to be relaxed and if I got a chance, I should use it to shoot.

– It seemed as you were a little bit nervous on the court. Were you really nervous?

– I was not at all nervous before the match, but then, I was shocked by the reactions of the audience. I expected some kind of support, a small applause, but sure I did not expect at all to witness that kind of cheering and ovations. Suddenly, my legs were tied. Luckily, this was only for a moment, and then I was carried off by the game.

– Did you feel any doubts after the first shot which did not end in the opponent’s net?

– Oh, I was very angry and I felt really bad about it. But, instantly I got the support of my team-mates, I forgot about the first missed shot, and thankfully, I scored two goals.

– What was the first thing that crossed you mind after you scored the first goal?

– First, I felt like a weight got off my chest, I was really glad that I justified the head coach’s faith. I was happy and proud at the same time, and shivers went up and down my spine, exactly as I felt on the match against THW Kiel. Sure, I will not forget these two goals which are first in my career in the national team.

– You will have a difficult summer, because you are going to play on the junior, and then on the cadet European championship, and above all, you are going to train with HC Metalurg’s first team. How are you going to deal with so many duties?

– I do not worry about that, I am young and I have enough strength to deal with everything. I want new challenges and I am sure that I will give 100% and that I will complete every task that I will receive. I look forward to all those matches, and I must admit that I cannot wait to enter the court.

– You are very young, but everyone talks about you. Do you enjoy being famous, how do you deal with that?

– Yes, I do enjoy being popular. But, I am trying to keep my feet on the ground and I do not want to be carried away by that. It seems that I am doing fine so far.

– Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

– I see myself in HC Metalurg, because for now, there is no other club for me. I expect that in time I will get more space in the team and I expect that another of my dreams will come true – to play regularly in the EHF Champions League. Of course, I expect that I will obtain even a regular place in the Macedonian senior national team.

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