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Goce Georgievski is one of the heroes of yesterday’s match against Russian representation and he scored the goal the leveled the game and brought delight to the Macedonian publicity.

Georgievski during the Championship scored five goals out of seven attempts. Surely, the most important was his last score in the match against Russia, 17 seconds before the end.

And that is the reason for the short interview with Goce Georgievski

Goce did you expect to be invited in the representation and to be part of the mundial show?

Honestly, I did. I think I played well in Metalurg’s strip, I play a great deal of the games from the Champion League and that’s why I expected a chance on the World Championship as a part of the national selection.

This is your first great match in Macedonian strip. Are you nervous?

This is truly my first big representative challenge. I lack the experience of games on the world and European championship and that’s why I have positive cold feet, but it all disappears during the matches.

What’s your opinion on your current play of this World Championship?

I believe that my performances so far are most satisfactory. I’ve showed up some solid performances so far and I think the representation finds me useful. Of course, I promise to keep up the good work.

You were called a hero on the match against Russia. How do you handle it?

Well, good. The situation was such that I had to do the final score and I did it. I’m really happy that I managed to cheer up Macedonia, and to provide a chance for a better position in the group.

Did the score against mighty Russia increased the self-confidence of our representation, and according to you what are the chances on tomorrows match against Denmark?

The feeling after yesterday’s match was great and that score surely bright up the atmosphere and self-confidence to all of us in the representation. However, we have no intention of being satisfied only with our accomplishments and now we’re preparing for the big Friday challenge- Denmark duel. We’re utterly focused on the clash, watching videos of their matches, analyzing their strategy famous for the fast shift from defense to offense resulting with easy goals. That’s their basic weapon, and we’ll do our best to prevent it. If we succeed, we can hope for a good result.

We wish you a good game and success in the representation.

Thank you. Greeting to all the handball fans and Metalurg web-site regular visitors.

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