19.12.2012 19:43

Team officials of handball champion Metalurg have noticed the quality of the handball school Junior from Struga and included as a part of the Handball Academy.

Schools official Jovce Matlieski,  revealed us that right on this place, our famous handball representatives like Naumce and Zlatko Mojskovski, Nonovski, Gorgonovski and one of the best young representatives Neloski, took their first steps.

Matlievski works every day on discovering new talents that one day will replace our idols as: Mojsovski, Mirkulovski, Alushovski, Stanik…

“I’m dedicating all of my free time to the children from schools of handball and I’m trying with my experience and knowledge to help them become top handballers, that one day will proudly wear Macedonian strip. I believe that these kids training here will have a great future success,” says professor Matlievski.

There are daily trainings for young handballers in Struga gym and every child willing to learn the handball secrets through game and fun is welcomed in this club.

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