27.09.2013 19:53

When they arrived at Skopje’s airport, part of PSG players gave a statement for our website.


Igor Vori: “We know a lot about Macedonian handball. The mere fact that two clubs of the same city take part in the Champions League and in the same group speaks a lot of the Macedonian handball rise. We’re aware of Metalurg’s strength and surely Lino’s making some trap. We hope for a good atmosphere. Macedonian public is familiar with handball. We’re looking forward to a good show. When it come us, many new players joined the team so well-rehearsing takes time. Our games witness the oscillations, from a phenomenal performance to a beginner’s mistakes. The team consists of 6 new players five of which are in the starting squad. I expect we play on a good level.”


Jakov Gojun: “I can speak the best of Metalurg. I’ve play many times as a player of Zagreb so it feels like home here. We’re about to face a hard match in a special atmosphere created by their fans. We’ll see tomorrow. Our team is good and I expect high-quality match. During the season things went up and down due to the new players. Many of us don’t know the language yet but work on improving the game. I hope for a good game and win both points tomorrow.”

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