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After Metalurg’s failure on Avtokomanda ground, new champion’s promotions is postponed till July 1st when the return match takes place in SRC Kale between today’s rivals. Subsequent to this pale and unambitious game during today’s match, Metalurg handballers chose the harder way of defending their title. When it comes to winning the title in opponent’s hall, it won’t be something new since we made it last year but it seems the psychological advantage went in the rival’s hands.

Metalurg failed to use the chance in their own hall, in front of their fans, solving all the issues and winingn the cup in the fifth round. Unluckily, our handballers lost a point and gave a bad account of them which can cost us dearly. When the least expected, we saw a really poor image of the whole team giving fierce Vardar a chance to fight for the three points.


So it happened during the first halftime. Vardar was first to lead the game, with Rajkovik’s goal in the first minute; it was first to create two-goal advantage with Karacik goal in the 7th  minute, 2:4 and made it a three-goal advantage with Rakovic’s goal in 11th  minute, 4:7. It had to pass 29 minutes for Vugrinec to bring us advantage, 13:12. At the very end of the first halftime we failed to use the strong offence and instead of taking the break with two goals advantage we received an equalizer, 13:13. Near the middle of the first part the indisposed Stanic got replaced with Nikola Mitrevski who stayed at the goal till the rest of the match.


Second halftime started well with Doder (32 minute) and Vugrinec (33 minute) goals with whose help we were two goals ahead, 15:13. Vardar leveled the score in the 37th minute with Jovcevski’s first goal, 15:15. When Naumce Mojsovski scored a goal in the 46th minute, 22:19 we though our problems were surpassed. In 48th minute again thanks to Mojsovski we reached the score 23:20. Yet in the following 12 minutes we managed to miss three penalties (Mojsovski, Vugrinec and Batinovic) and score only two goals, again by Mojsovski. Vardar returned to the game with Karacic, Stoilov and Rajkovic’s goals, 23:23.


Nevertheless, the drama culminated in the last three minutes. Firstly, while the score was 24:24 Batinovic miss a penal and later Velko Markoski was suspended. The amazing Mitrevski saved Rakovic’s goal and Mojsovski circled the offence with his 10th goal, 25:24 in the 59th minute.We only had to hold on for the next 40 seconds but Rajkovic though the opposite by scoring the equalizer, 25:25. Lino Cervar called for a timeout, and then sent seven handballers (including Doder wearing fluorescent shirt). Our handballers circled around Milic’s goal for 20 minutes and three seconds near the end Naumce Mojsovski decided to shoot. The audience shrieked when Milic saved this goal and completed his 15th save.


Vardar survived Avtokomanda hell and now it’s Metalurg’s turn to face Kale’s response. There’s enough time till the return game for both making all the possible analysis and resting our exhausted handballers. The stake is huge and failure unacceptable, everyone knows that.


HC Metalurg- HC Vardar PRO 25:25(13:13)

HC Metalurg: Mitrevski (8 saves +2 penalties), Stanic (1 save + penalty), Rakcevic, Dimovski, Vugrinec 7, Georgievski, Mirkulovski 1, Markoski, Z. Mojsoski, Doder 1, N. Mojsovski 10, Batinovic, Jonovski, Mandic, Alushovski and Korazia 2. Penalties: 5/9.     Suspensions: 6 minutes.

HC Vardar PRO: Milic (12 saves + 3 penalties), Daskalovski, Lazovic, Markoski, Stoilov 3, Nedanovski 1, Pribak 5, Dragash, Rakovic 3, Petric, Jovcevski, Markovic, Lazarov 1, Karacic 7, Rajkovic 3, Abutovic. Penalties: 0/4. Suspension: 10 minutes.

Judges: Gjorgi Nacevski and Slave Nikolov from Skopje.

Delegacy: Marjan Nacevski and Ace Nikolovski from Skopje.


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