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HC Metalurg lost the match against RK Nexe with a result 25:19 (12:10).

On this important match, HC Metalurg was handicapped because the key back line players Taleski and Neloski did not play and because the new players in our team are still not well incorporated. They had only one training session with the rest of the team. Unfortunately, we have only few official matches left before the start of the play-offs in the Macedonian championship. Although the new players were not prepared, they had to get a chance to play on today’s match. Between the sixth place in the SEHA-league and the preparations for the Macedonian play-off, we have chosen the latter.

We started well the first half of the match and we were leading in the first couple of minutes. The crisis appeared in the period from the 5-th to the 17-th minute, when we received four goals, but we did not score any. The opponent was leading with 6:3. RK Nexe took the lead with an advantage of four goals for the first time in the 22-nd minute, 10:6. At the end of this period, HC Metalurg consolidated the defense and realized few attacks, so we went on a half time break with a negative of only two goals, 10:12. All in all, we made a good impression in the first half.

Unfortunately, this did not apply in the second half of the match. In the first 15 minutes of this period, we scored just two goals and received eight. We made a lot of technical errors (20), the attacks were not coordinated, we missed 15 shots, and the opponent used this situation to increase the advantage which was ten goals in the 48-th minute, 12:22. HC Metalurg started playing better at the end of the match, when it managed to reduce the advantage to six goals, for final 25:19.

It was especially devastating when we had one player more on the court, but we did not use the two-minute suspensions in RK Nexe to score a goal, and on the other hand, we received three. We were terrible from the seven metre line by scoring once out of four attempts. These were the main reasons for the high defeat.

The next match is on Friday when we play against RK Borac B. L. in Banja Luka.

RK Nexe – HC Metalurg 25:19 (12:10)

RK Nexe: P. Lelic (3 saves + one seven metre throw), Juzbasic (5 saves + 2 seven metre throws), Gadza, Crnic 2, Mrdjenovic 1, Jaman 1, Tomas, Jurjevic 3, Sokolic 3, Nuic, Pavletic 3, Sakic 1, Vegar, Oroz 5, Çelebi 5, Herceg 1.          Seven metre throws: 2/2.           Suspension: 8 minutes.

HC Metalurg: Mitrevski (6 saves), Efendic (1 save), Golubovic 1, Ojleski, Borjan Madzovski 1, Kosteski 2, Manaskov 5, Buvinic 3, Kukoski 1, Krstevski, Bojan Madzovski, Vojvodic 1, Pesevski 1, Djukic 1, Vrgoc, and Stojanovic 3.            Seven metre throws: 1/4.          Suspension: 6 minutes.

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