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This is Kielce 10th anniversary of playing in European leagues. Ten years ago, they started with the performance in the Challenge Cup, going down of the fourth round duel against the Turkish Beshihtash. The same year they become champions of Poland. Following season 2003/4, in the Champions League, they dropped out the group and later of the eight-final stage of the Cup Winners’ Cup, this time playing against team of Gorenje. From 2005 to 2010 the Polish team mostly played in the Cup Winners’ Cup. Their greatest success was the quarterfinal of EHF Cup in 2006 when Kielce got defeated by the French Creteil.

Since 2009, they are constant champions of Poland, except last year, when their title was taken by Wisla Plock. In the last three years they’ve been performing in the Champions League, last year through the tournament with the wild card, twice passing the main group and went down in the eight-final (against Hamburg and Cimos Koper).

Five Croatians play in Kielce’s squad (Musa, Cupic, Losert, Strlek and Buntic), a Serbian (Stojkovic), a Danish (Kleverli), a Slovenian (Zorman), an Icelander (Olafsson) and many Polish representatives (Bielecki, Jurecki, Lijewski, Rosinski, Szmal, Tkaczyk).

Club’s budget is 7.500.000 euros, five time lager than Metalurg’s budget.

Kielce, as well as Metalurg, tomorrow has its first chance for qualification among the immortal, placement in the final-four of the Champions League.


Киелце, исто како и Металург, утре ќе ја има својата прва шанса за пласман меѓу бесмртните, пласман во фајналфорoт на Лигата на шампионите.

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