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The match between the youth teams of HC Metalurg and RK Tinex Prolet should have been a derby, especially because our team won with a minimal advantage on the previous match, 18:16. But on today’s match, our youth team was completely dominant and was leading throughout the whole 60 minutes.

We took the lead with 3:0, and towards the middle of the first half we had an advantage of three goals, 5:2. We played masterfully in the next 15 minutes. Excellent in the attacks and the defense, our players completely outplayed the opponent and went on a half-time break with an advantage of eight goals, 15:7.

We kept the same rhythm in the second half, so in the 48-th minute we had the highest advantage of +11, 23:12. When everyone expected that the guest team was about to face a real catastrophe, our players, convinced that the victory was in their hands, relaxed a bit and played terribly in the following ten minutes, allowing the opponent to make a series of 7:3 and to win the second half with a result 12:10.

It should be noted that we played excellently even with a player less on the court. We found ourselves four times in this situation and scored six goals.

HC Metalurg – RK Tinex Prolet 62 25:19 (15:7)

HC Metalurg: Blazevski (7 saves + one seven metre throw), Petkovski (3 saves + one seven metre throw), Donevski, Redzic 1, Sulevski, Stojkovski 2, Zdravkovski 2, Dimitrioski 9, Ilievski 2, Stojmenov, Silegov 4, Lembanov, Tankoski 4, Smilevski, Mitrevski, and Lazarevski 1.                   Seven metre throws: 5/5.            Suspension: 8 minutes.

RK Tinxex Prolet 62: Dzonov 3, Naumovski, Levkovski, Ognjanovski 1, Nikolovski 3, Vladimirov, Gocevski, Alarov 2, Damcevski 4, Kristov, Nikodinovski 1, Lazarov, and Ljubevski 4.                  Seven metre throws: 1/4.     Suspension: 6 minutes.

Referees: Viktor Andonov and Stojance Jovanovski from Skopje.

Delegate: Leri Mirceski from Skopje.

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