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Today HC Metalurg held a press conference on the occasion of the last match in the regular part of the SEHA-league, between HC Metalurg and Brest Meshkov.

DAR_788_resize_resizeLino Cervar: “We have come to the last match in the regular part of the SEHA-league. Recently, we have completed three matches in a very short period of time of which one was against Brest Meshkov. The team has secured a ticket to the Final Six in Veszprem and it is an opponent which we played well against in Brest where in the end their experience won. It is true that they are the absolute favourite on the upcoming match, because they have a powerful team. They have a dozen internationals in the squad, who consist the starting line-up, apart from Rutenka. I expect a tough match. Although they are the favouirite, we will try to fight back with our young team and to play well. These matches are important for us, especially in this period when we are building a young team, when we are creating a new project which opens a new page in the club’s history and we all must have a little patience in this period. We will use the match to acquire additional experience which will serve us in the preparations for the upcoming tests in the Macedonian Superleague. I believe that this time the guests will be more careful than the last time. I call our audience to come and to support these young players. The fighting spirit and the audience are on our side, everything else is in the hands of our opponent.”

DAR_728_resize_resizeNikola Kosteski: “We know what kind of team Brest Meshkov has. We played against them few matches ago and had a chance to win. But in the end, it was their experience that won. I am convinced that each of us will do his best and fight for a better result. I hope that the audience will come to this last match of the SEHA-league and will give its full support.”

DAR_781_resize_resizeLevce Kitevski: “Thank you all for coming today before the last match in the SEHA-league. As Lino Cervar has already said, we are building a new team in this period, which will open a new page. As the president of the club, I am content with all the work has been done in the given period. I believe in these young boys who are the product of HC Metalurg, because when I work on something, I always believe in myself and in the people around me. At the same time, we are working on creating the team for the next season in which I believe that we will put HC Metalurg back to the place it belongs to.”

Photo: Darko Andonovski, “Nova Makedonija”.

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