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The regular press conference was held right after the match RK Nexe – HC Metalurg.

Zdenko Kordi: “We respect HC Metalurg’s team which has its own system and coach who exactly knows how the players are supposed to play. Basically, I am satisfied with the match. We won the match with our defense, and this advantage enabled us to use a bigger rotation in the team. Congratulations to HC Metalurg, the club is our sports friend and can always have our help whenever it needs it.”

Can Çelebi: “We have had intensive training sessions this week. It is not easy to follow this rhythm, especially when you play against excellent teams like MT Melsungen, Tatran Presov, and HC Metalurg. This victory is a step ahead for us. The victory brought us joy, and I would like to congratulate HC Metalurg for the fair game.”

Lino Cervar: “We are in a bad situation. Since the last match against RK Nexe, we have lost few key players, such as Vugrinec and Mirkulovski. Now, we have a really young team. We had a good start on the match, but we made a lot of technical errors, both in the first and in the second half, but I think that RK Nexe played better in the second half, too. Of course, we still have another chance for the sixth place, but with this young squad that will be a difficult task.”

Borjan Madzovski: “We made a lot of technical errors, and RK Nexe used this situation. They were smarter than us and used our mistakes to score some easy goals in the fast-breaks. They deserved the victory.”

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