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Today, HC Metalurg held a press-conference on the occasion of the first match in the new season of the Gazprom Regional SEHA-league, against the team of Tatran Presov from Presov (Slovakia). Lino Cervar, the chief of HC Metalurg’s professional staff, together with Naumce Mojsovski, the captain of the team, gave their statements for the numerous media representatives.

Lino Cervar used the first press-conference in the new season to talk about HC Metalurg’s plans and ambitions for this season and announced the new, two-year project for refreshing the team.


Lino Cervar: “We are right on the start of the new season and I am glad that we are together again. This year, our plans and strategy are going to be a little different, but this is not just a mere coincidence, it is something that we have already announced. We made a thorough analysis of the last three years in the EHF Champions League and we are convinced that we have reached our peak. With this team, for three years in a row we have started from the qualification phase and we have reached to the Top 8. I know that we always want something more, but I must say that for the Final Four in the EHF Champions League we need something more, for example, more money, and unfortunately more politics. We do not give up on the Champions League and again this year we will try to do our best. Our group is very tough, PSG is very strong, and there is HC Zagreb, and not to even mention THW Kiel, but we also have Brest Meshkov which has brought a lot of new players of which 14 are internationals. But, we will not surrender and we will go for the victory on each match.

This year, HC Metalurg has decided to begin a new kind of project unlike any other club in Europe has. This season the club starts a two-year project which will be based on the young players combined with the experienced ones. This season and the next one, HC Metalurg will be a combination of both youth and experience, and the foundations of the project will be the young players accompanied by Mojsovski, Mirkulovski, Jonovski, Markoski, and the others. Metalurg will bring real refreshment in the EHF Champions League. More than 40 % of the players in the team are aged between 18 and 22 years, and eight of them are taller than 200 cm. This will be good for the Macedonian handball and also for the Macedonian national handball team. The team has 73 % of Macedonian players and 23 % of international young players.

When it comes to the SEHA-league, it shows a tremendous progress, excellent organization, and we are going to have some difficult matches. But, we will use it to give space to the young players until it gets a true recognition in Europe. In two days, Tatran Presov will play the qualifications for a place in the EHF Champions League and they have already been in a good shape. We have still a lot of time to grow up, but in my opinion it will be a good match. I saw them in Doboj, they won the tournament, they have new players and are playing great.

Speaking of the Macedonian championship, I can only say that we have respect for HC Vardar, but we will do everything to keep the title in our hands”, stated Cervar.


Naumce Mojsovski: “I am ready for the matches. I worked hard in the past period. I have completely recovered and I feel great. I have been practicing with the team and I hope that this will be my last injury. However, we must not forget that I have been away from the handball court for six months. I did not play on the tournament in Struga, because that court base is too risky for players who have recently recovered from injuries and together with the coach Lino Cervar we decided that it was best for me to avoid the tournament, so that is why I am very excited that I am going to play on tomorrow’s match. We have a good squad with both experienced and young players and our main aim is to pass the group phase of the EHF Champions League and to enter the Last 16 phase. I want a victory for the start of the new season, but it will not be easy. Last year, Tatran caused us a lot of troubles in the SEHA-league, but we will do our best not to happen that again.

As last year, the SEHA-league is not our priority and will serve us to practice our tactics. We will play on these matches with a full strength before the start of the Champions League, so that we can be fully prepared, and then it will be more relaxed.

Speaking of the Macedonian championship, HC Vardar, who has brought reinforcements on many positions, is the favourite for the title, but we will try to keep the trophy in “Avtokomanda”.


Levce Kitevski: “I would like to thank all of you for coming on today’s press-conference. Last season on the last press-conference, I thanked you for everything that you did for HC Metalurg in season 2013/14. So, I would like HC Metalurg to have a good collaboration this year with all the written and electronic media. Our chief of the professional staff basically has said everything that can concern you, and from my part, I want to add that HC Metalurg will go for the victory on each match. The results show both the achievements and the failures from the last season. We will continue to realize our projects and aims. I would like to inform you that there are a lot of changes in HC Metalurg, and also the process of transformation into a joint stock company has been completed, but we will hold a special press-conference for this matter.”

Photo: Darkо Аndonovski, “N.Маkedonija“

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