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The regular press – conference has been held right after the match Metalurg – Kolding.

Aron Kristjansson: “Congratulations to Metalurg for the excellent play, but also congratulations to the spectators who have made an excellent atmosphere in the arena. We knew that it is going to be really difficult to play here in Skopje. At the beginning, we had a lot of problems in the defense and Metalurg used this opportunity and scored goals very easily. In the following part of the match, we managed to stabilize our play and also managed to reduce the advantage to three goals. Unfortunately, we also had a bad start on the second half of the match, but this time we were horrible in the attacks. Today, Stanic has been amazing, and Metalurg’s defense had a full control over our back line players. We have lost the match with six goals margin and now we must focus on the re-match and to try to make up for the negative margin.”

Torsten Laen: “I congratulate to Metalurg for the amazing play. This season, we have faced with several extraordinary teams and we knew how to stop them, but today, Metalurg has been far better than us. It is my first time in Skopje and I had the honour to feel this fantastic atmosphere. In my opinion, we played well in the defense, but unfortunately we failed in the attacks. In the next couple of days, we have to focus on fixing our attacks. But this was only the first part of our duel and I hope that in Denmark we will manage to win and eliminate Metalurg.”

Renato Vugrinec: “We knew that this was going to be a tough match, Kolding is an excellent team and won the second place in their group while we had a lot of problems with injuries. With an audience like this, it is really incredible. I have played in Hamburg in front of 13 000 spectators and now when I am 39 I really enjoy being here on the court in Skopje.”

“We have got an advantage of six goals, but this does not mean anything at all. We must be very cautious, but first, we must take a rest, above all mentally, because in the re-match chiefly we must be mentally strong. Today, our appetites have increased and that can be a big problem. We must not be taken by the euphoria, we simply must begin out of scratch because if we enter the next phase, that will be an amazing success for Metalurg.”

Lino Cervar: “I congratulate to the players who are mostly credited for today’s victory. But, I feel that I must say ‘thank you’ to our audience. I think that today we have broken all the records of attendance this season in the arena. We proved that we have got the best audience, but the sincere one who has a lot of love for the team, but has a respect too.”

“We knew that Kolding plays remarkably in the defense, but our defense line 6-0 was remarkable too and I think that in twenty minutes, the Danes managed to score only three goals. They just could not see the goal. This means that we have won against them with their strongest weapon. We absolutely managed to endure until the end, because we have had problems with injuries for the whole month. At one moment in the finish of the match, we faced up with a crisis which the opponents used that well.”

“We have won with six goals advantage and indeed it is a good advantage. But, we will fool ourselves if we think that in Denmark is going to be easy. Quite the contrary, it is going to be very difficult and we must be aware of it. We must be well prepared, and above all mentally, because that is really important. If we manage to enter the quarter – final, that will be my dearest victory. After all that was happening with the injuries, this is really going to be a great success.”


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