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The regular press conference was held right after the match.

“Congratulations to HC Metalurg for the fair fight. We had a solid advantage, but we did not manage to keep it. I have no further comments,” stated Djordje Cirkovic, RK Vojvodina’s coach.

“RK Vojvodina is a good team which this time on the court was much stronger and more experienced than ours, but we have showed strength and character, we have fought on the court and managed to pull through a draw. This time, I would like to speak well of our young team and our young players who have showed  a lot of confidence, endless fight and managed to get back in the game and even to ensure an attack for a victory, besides that we were losing with 7-8 goals,” said Lino Cervar.

“Congratulations for HC Metalurg. We have played excellent in the first half and finished it with a solid advantage. We have made many mistakes in the second half, and HC Metalurg started playing more aggressively and they had a chance for a victory in the last attack. We can either be satisfied or not with the one point we won,” said Miroslav Kocic.

“I think that we have showed some character on this match and that, if we play as we know, we can return even if we lose with 6-7 goals. We have improved our game in the second half, we have returned and pulled through a draw, so we must be satisfied,” said Borjan Madzovski.



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