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This evening, Macedonia lost the match, but did not disappoint. On the contrary, our players had a good match and proudly left the court. France acquired the victory in the finishing of the match after a big fight in which they had to put all of their efforts to show their potential.

France was leading most of the time, sometimes the team was leading with three, four or five goals, but still the advantage was mainly varying from one to two goals.

Macedonia had some bright moments, too, for example when we made a series of 4:0 in the first half or when we scored three goals in a row in the second part. Macedonia was leading on few occasions, the first was in the 13-th minute, 6:5, and the last was in 18-th minute, 10:9.

Our national team showed its true character in the most difficult period when the opponent was leading with an advantage of five goals in the 41-st minute, 17:22. From that moment on, Macedonia decided to play all or nothing and slowly, goal by goal, started reducing the advantage of France. The match culminated in the 57-th minute, when first we reduced their advantage to just one goal, 25:26, and then we had an attack for equaling the score.

However, France has won in the end.

Macedonia – France 25:27 (13:15)

Macedonia: Ristovski, Angelovski (9 saves + one seven methre shot), K. Lazarov 8, Manaskov 5, Stoilov 4, Georgievski 4, Mirkulovski 3, Jonovski 1, Pribak, Mitkov, F. Lazarov, Mojsovski, V. Markoski, Pesevski, Ojleski, and Kosteski.             Seven metre throws: 3/3.        Suspension: 6 minutes.

France: Omeyer (13 saves), Guigou 6, N’guessan 5, N. Karabatic 3, L. Karabatic 3, Barachet 2, Portee 2, Sorhaindo 2, Abalo 1, Accambray 1, Joli 1, Mahe 1, Anic, Claire, Gerard, and Honrubua. Seven metre throws: 2/3.      Suspension: 6 minutes.

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