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HC Metalurg 2 has returned with a victory from the away match against RK Prespa which we defeated with a result 23:21 (11:8) in the eighth round of the play-out phase in the Macedonian championship.

The victory is clear, because we were leading during the whole match and did not let the host equal the score.

We opened the match with a series of 3:0, and towards the middle of the first half we obtained an advantage of five goals, 9:4. We finished the first half with a result 11:8.

We kept the good game in the second half in which we were often leading with an advantage of two to four goals. The final score was 23:21.

On this match, our goalkeepers showed their true colours, so Dario Alusovski had incredible 20 saves, of which there were four shots from the penalty line, while Nikola Danilovski had five saves, of which there was one shot from the penalty line.

RK Prespa – HC Metalurg 2 21:23 (8:11)

RK Prespa: K. Zuzarovski, Lerovski, Sabedinovski 2, Nedanovski, Karapalevski, J. Zuzarovski 6, Josevski, Trajanovski, Bockarovski 3, Basevski 2, Kalevski, Tuntevski 4, Georgievski, Kasovski, and Kamcev 4.            Seven metre throws: 5/7.        Suspension: 4 minutes.

HC Metalurg 2: Alusovski (16 saves + 4 seven metre throws), Danilovski (4 saves + 1 seven metre throw), Boskovski 3, Krstanovski 1, Gosevski, Grozdanovski 2, Pesevski, Velkovski 6, Markudov 2, Davitkovski 5, Matijasic 1, and Palevski 3.    Seven metre throws: 1/2. Suspension: 10 minutes.     Red card: Markudov (3×2 minutes) in the 34-th minute.

Referees: Dimitar Mitrevski and Blagojce Todorovski from Bitola.

Delegate: Jovo Vasilev from Bitola

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