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In the seventh round of the Macedonian play-out, HC Metalurg was welcomed by RK Tekstilec, but lost the match with a result 29:33 (14:16).

Our second team entered rather handicapped on this match, because it lacked the key players Velkovski and Davitkovski and as well as the second goalkeeper Alusovski. Considering this situation, our team had only ten players in rotation.

RK Tekstilec deserved the victory, because it was leading during most part of the match. However, HC Metalurg had few chances. After ten minutes in the second half, our players took over the lead with 20:18, but failed to keep this advantage.

The best scorer in our team was the pivot Markudov who was forced to play as a back line player, but anyway he has scored seven goals. Our goalkeeper Danilovski had 18 saves.

RK Tekstilec – HC Metalurg 2 33:29 (16:14)

HC Metalurg 2: Danilovski (18 saves), Boskovski 2, Krstanovski 2, Gosevski 3, Markudov 7, Matijasic 1, Petrevski 3, Palevski 5, Grozdanovski 6, and Pesevski.


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