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HC Metalug’s players did not have any problems against HC Tinex Prolet in today’s match from the fifth round in the play-offs. There was a little uncertainty at the beginning of the match, which lasted about ten minutes until we took over the lead with 5:4. Then our team was the only one that dominated on the court and was constantly building up its advantage. We finished the first half with an advantage of five goals, 16:11, and we added another seven to it for final 32:20.

The first half of the play-off has finished with this match. HC Metalurg is on the second position with four victories and one defeat by HC Vardar.

HC Metalurg – HC Tinex Prolet 32:20 (16:11)

HC Metalurg: Mitrevski, Efendic, Golubovic, Ojleski 4, Bojan Madzovski 3, Kosteski 1, Manaskov 1, Buvinic 4, Kukoski 1, Borjan Madzovski 1, Taleski 3, Vojvodic 2, Pesevski 2, Djukic 7, Vrgoc, and Stojanovic 3.          Seven metre throws: 5/5.          Suspension: 6 minutes.

HC Tinex Prolet: Kimevski, Korunovski, Petrovski 1, Dzonov, Nikolovski, Majnov 1, Rolevski 4, Jovanovski 2, Trajkovski, Damcevski 1, Dimkovski 2, Dimitrieski 2, Apostolovski, Krstevski, Andonovski 7, and Stojanovski.          Seven metre throws: 4/4.        Suspension: 4 minutes.

Referees: Gjorgji Nacevski and Slave Nikolov from Skopje.

Delegate: Ace Nikolovski from Skopje

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