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The match from the second round in the play-offs was held this evening in Prilep where the host RK Prilep welcomed the reigning handball champion in Macedonia. HC Metalurg won routinely with a result 24:18 (12:10).

Our players had an excellent start on the match. With the goals of Ojleski, Vojvodic, Buvinic, and Stojanovic (2), we took the lead with 5:0, and RK Prilep needed 11 minutes to score its first goal, and Bozarovski was the one who did it. RK Prilep slowly got back in the game, and towards the end of the end of the first half it managed to reduce our advantage, first to three goals (7:4), and then to two goals (11:9). Both teams went on a half-time break with a result 12:10.

The team from Prilep got close to our score in the 32 minute when Cvetkoski reduced the advantage to just one goal, 12:11, but HC Metalurg quickly built another advantage which was +5 in the 49-th minute, 20:15. HC Metalurg obtained the highest advantage of seven goals in the 56-th minute for 22:15. The final score on this match was 24:18.

More than a hundred of fans of our fan group “Pirates”, who arrived in Prilep to support the champion, had a special contribution to this victory. Their cheering echoed in the hall.

RK Prilep – HC Metalurg 18:24 (10:12)

RK Prilep: Mihajleski, Dimitrovski 1, Mitrevski 1, Gjorgieski 1, Petkoski 3, Cvetkoski 3, Mojsoski 2, Spaseski 1, Petreski, Bozaroski 5, Angelovski 1, Sokoski, Trajkoski, Bozinovski, Talevski, and Janeski.             Seven metre throws: 3/6.        Suspension: 4 minutes.

HC Metalurg: Mitrevski, Efendic, Golubovic, Ojleski 2, Bojan Madzovski, Kosteski, Manaskov, Buvinic 3, Kukoski, Borjan Madzovski, Taleski 2, Vojvodic 3, Pesevski 2, Djukic 5, Vrgoc, and Stojanovic 7.             Seven metre throws: 2/2.        Suspension: 10 minutes.
Red card: Milorad Kukoski in the 56-th minute (3x 2 minute-suspension).

Referees: Saso Krkacev and Gjoko Kolevski from Skopje.

Delegate: Marjan Nacevski from Skopje.

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