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Tonight takes place the championship match of male Super league sixth round. Metalurg, on the away match in Kumanovo, outrivaled the eponymous team, with result 31:19 (15:11).

Metalurg played the first halftime with the reserve squad: Z. Mojsoski, Alushovski, Batinovik, Doder and Levov. Dimovski played on the pivot position while Stanik was goalkeepeing. Mandik occasionally joined the defense. We had the first great lead in 22nd minute, 11:8 and also in 24th minute 12:8. First halftime ended with 15:11. Alushovski was standing out during this halftime scoring 5 goals while Levov scored three. Darko Stanik saved eight goals including a penalty.


In the second halftime Mojsoski and Alushovski were replaced with Georgievski and Korazja and Vugrinec played instead of Levov. Batinoviс, Mandiс and Doder were constantly changing in the offense while Mitrevski was goalkeeping. From the defensive handballers appeared Jonovski. The average started increasing quickly so in the 38th minute reached 20:13 and in 46th 24:13 while the biggest was in 53th, 28:15. Match’s final result was 31:19.

Champions of the match were Alushovski and Korazia scoring 5 goals each.


HC Kumanovo- HC Metalurg 19:31 (11:15)

HC Kumanovo: Arsovski, Spasiс 1, Trajcevski, Blazevski 5, Nestorovski, Tasevski 1, Ekinoviц 1, Kuzmanovski 1, Ivanovski, S. Trajkovski 3, Jordanovski, Miladinovski, B. Trajkovski, Dimkovski 4, Dimitrioski and Georgievski 3. Penalties: 4/5. Suspensions: 2 minutes.

HC Metalurg: Staniс (7 saves + penalty), Mitrevski (5 saves), Levov 3, Dimovski 1, Vugrinec 6, Naumovski, Georgievski 3, Markoski, Mojsoski 1, Doder 2, Batinoviс 1, Jonovski 2, Mandiс 2, Alushovski 5 and Korazia 5. Suspensions: 3/3. Penalties: 6 minutes.

Judges: Metalari Ismail and Vukashinovski Aleksandar from Skopje.

 Delegacy: Dragan Nacevski from Skopje


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