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HC Metalurg’s players were defeated in the first round of the 42-nd International Handball Tournament Struga by US Creteil Handball (France), with a result 21:24 (11:11). This has been a first defeat for Metalurg for the past three years on the tournament in Struga.

Although we entered the match as favourites and as a defending champion, after ten minutes it was evident that we were about to have problems with US Creteil’s excellent team which has returned in the elite French league. The French kept minimal but constant lead, and they decided for the match in the last ten minutes when they acquired an unattainable advantage of four goals.

HC Metalurg has been still in the phase where they were testing the new formations of the team, and the defeat, although it was not pleasant, does not mean anything. The coach Cervar has used all of the players and has tried part of his tactics.

Renato Vugrinec was the best player in our team, while Hugo Descat was the best player in the winning team.

HC Metalurg – US Creteil Handball 21:24 (11:11)

Course of the match:2:4 (9),4:6 (13), 7:6, (17) 8:9 (23), 11:10 (27), 13:13 (32), 15:15 (35), 16:18 (48), 17:20 (50), 20:24 (58)

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