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The young talents from Metalurg Junior have made this evening marvelous, because they were constantly leading for 44 minutes on the match against the powerful Vardar. In these 44 minutes, we let Vardar to take the lead just once, 10:13, and 13 times to equal the score. We managed to withstand Vardar with a real textbook handball and the energetic players from Junior, one by one, literally attacked the three goalkeepers of the quarter-finalist from the Champions League. Probably they underestimated us at the beginning, but then they really did not have any answer for Metalurg Junior’s quick players who were piercing the opponent’s defense. Kimevski, though, was doing wonders on our goal and had 11 saves in the first half of the match.

The half-time result was 15:14 for the team of Junior.

Everyone was expecting that in the second half of the match Vardar would finally break our young team, but it was quite the contrary. For another 14 minutes, we withstood against the almost complete team of Vardar, and in the 37-th minute, we were leading with the highest advantage of three goals, 20:17. The last time we were in the game was in 44-th minute when the score board showed the result 23:23. But, all good things must come to an end. It was obvious that our players were exhausted and they could not keep up with the opponent’s strength and experience anymore, so they rapidly yielded due to their lack of concentration. Vardar used the weakness of our boys and managed to win with the result 34:26.

But, one thing is for certain, Junior put a lot of pressure on Vardar, and the winner absolutely did not deserve a victory of eight goals margin. Ivanovski deserves respect because he managed to save Dibirov shot from seven metres. Junior has scored 26 goals which are more than some of Vardar’s opponents in the Champions League.

In a year or two, these boys will be up to Vardar during the whole 60 minutes.

HC Меtalurg Junior – HC Vardar  26:34 (15.14)

HC Меtalurg Junior: Кimevski (13 saves), Ивановски (1 save + 1 penalty), Boshkovski 1, Beshlievski, Borj.Маdjovski, Коsteski 3, I.Кrstevski 1, Маnaskov 3, Velkovski 1, Маrkudov 2, Таleski 6, Davitkovski, Маtijashic 1, Boj.Маdjovski 2, G.Кrstevski 5 and Palevski 1.      Penaltys: 2/2.     Suspension: 10 min.

HC Vardar: Маlumbres, Мilic, Chanevski, Daskalovski, Pribak, Тоskic, Rakovic 8, Јоvcevski, Маrkovic 7, Каracic, Dushebaev 3, Lazarov 9, Теrzic 1, Dibirov and Chipurin 6.      Penaltys: 3/4.      Suspension: 4 min.

Referees: Vukashinovski Аleksandar and Ismail Меtalari from Skopje.

Delegate: Dragan Nachevski from Skopje.

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