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Metalurg Junior outclassed the team of Ovce Pole and they lack two points only to definitely enter the play-off of the Macedonian championship. Junior won a high victory with the result 33:18 (10:9).

During the whole match, we were the better opponent and we absolutely deserved to return home with three new points.

The first half of the match was marked by an equal fight, but Metalurg Junior was the team which controlled the result. The match was decided in the second half when we completely cracked the experienced home team through the fast-breaks of our young players. Kosteski was especially prominent and in only one half managed to score 11 goals, usually trough fast-breaks. Our goalkeepers had their day too and collected a total of 23 saves, and the young Danailovski managed to score even one goal. Martin Manaskov had a great score with six goals out of seven shots.

HC Оvce Pole – HC Metalurg Junior  18:23 (9:10)

HC Metalurg Junior: Кimevski (13 saves), Ivanovski (1 save), Danilovski (9 saves) 1, Маnaskov 6/7, Borj.Маdjovski 1/2, Таleski 4/8, Davitkovski 2/4, Velkovski, Stavridis, Коsteski 11/14, I.Кrstevski 2/4, Маtijashic 1/2, Palevski 3/6 and Boskovski 2/2.      Penaltys: 1/1.      Suspension: 2 min.

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