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The match from the third round in the Macedonian play-off was held today at Avtokomanda Hall, between HC Metalurg and HC Zomimak M. The spectators had an opportunity to watch an excellent match which involved a lot of dynamics and duels between the players of both teams.

The match did not start as we wanted to, so HC Zomimak M had the control over the result by the 13-th minute, when we equaled the score for 4:4 and then took over the lead in the 24-th minute for 8:7. Both teams had their opportunities to take lead on the match, but the respective advantages were not higher than two goals. HC Metalurg had its highest lead in the 27-th minute, when the team obtained the result 10:8. However by the end of the first half, HC Zomimak M scored two goals and tied for 10:10.

HC Zomimak M was leading during the second half, too, when a fierce fight broke out for every ball on the court. It was critical in the 57-th minute, when the guest team took over the lead with 19:21. But, our team had an excellent finish and through the magnificent saves of the captain Nikola Mitrevski we managed to score three goals in a row and to win this important match with a result 22:21.

The re-match is next month in Strumca where we are also going to go for the victory. We have enough time to get ready for that match and to ensure the place that leads to the Velux EHF Champions League.

HC Metalurg – HC Zomimak M 22:21 (10:10)

HC Metalurg: Mitrevski, Efendic, Golubovic 1, Ojleski 3, Bojan Madzovski, Kosteski, Manaskov, Buvinic 4, Kukoski, Neloski 1, Taleski, Vojvodic 1, Pesevski 2, Djukic 10, Vrgoc, and Stojanovic.     Seven metre throws: 3/3.      Suspension: 12 minutes.

HC Zomimak M: Atanasov, N. Markoski 2, Pavlovski 1, Mladenovski 3, Pecakovski 7, Tuntev, Milosavljevic 1, Trajkovski, V. Markoski, Boseovski, Stojanovski, Vasilev, Canturija 3, and Vezenkovski 4.       Seven metre throws: 2/3.     Suspension: 12 minutes.

Referees: Gjorgji Nacevski and Slave Nikolov from Skopje.

Delegates: Metalari/Nikolovski.

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