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After today’s glorious victory over team of Vardar PRO, tomorrow Metalurg fights for the cup of Macedonian Cup.

This match showed why the clashes between Metalurg and Vardar PRO have been proclaimed as the greatest derby matches in this region of Europe. We’ve watched a battle fighting till the last gasp, hard duels, and sacrificing by handballers of both teams and dramatic final.


Metalurg handballers won against the great rival totally deservingly. We controlled the game during the entire match and the only success Vardar had was score leveling in the 48th minute, 17:17. Our handballers sustained all the pressures and transcend all the problems. Maimed of the injuries and with halved squad, today we’ve played without Naumce Mojsoski and during the match Georgievski got injured. Bearing in mind that Kozaija played just a little bit due to the stretched calf while Markovski and Mirkulovski played unhealed, the result is more than fantastic. Additional burden were the seven suspensions particularly when we had only three handballers playing on the ground. Very early we lost Jonovski earning a double suspension and he had to stay on the bench for a long time and at the end we played without Mirkulovski who got a red card due to three penalties. But we bear that strain and surpassed it. We defeated the complete Vardar team with only half of the true Metalurg strength.


Metalurg handballers started according to the plan, with aggressive defense and hard offence. Our real Stanic returned in full swing after leaving several pale impressions and saved eight goals only in the first halftime. The match was won by Vugrinec (1 minute) and Alushovski (3). It took Vardar 6 minutes for Petrovik to score their first goal. Doder(9), who played one of his best matches in Metalurg strip, increased the score. Our advantage gradually increased on +3, 6:3 later +4, 4:8 and at the end it reached +5, 10:5. It became greatest in 29th minute when Mirkulovski raise it on 11:5. Still, we had our halftime break with five-goal advantage, 11:6.


In the second halftime we maintained 3-4 goals advantage but in the last 10 minutes, since our handballers were exhausted, we got involved in a result-saving situation. This drama culminated in the 48th minute when Vardar for the first and last time leveled the score, 17:17. But Metalurg returned in the right moment with series of 3:0, 20:17. 90 seconds till the end Vardar was just a goals deficit, 20-21. Metalurg failed to use their last offence and 15 seconds near to end Batinovic got suspended due to hacking down Petric. Vardar performed their offence, created sitter situation but the left wingman Markovic miss the goal and the ball hit the goalpost while Stanic was already bore down.


Thus Vardar firstly lost SEHA-League cup and now this one in the Macedonian Cup. Metalurg will do everything to return this cup in their glass case and then we wait for July 1st to win a new title of Macedonian championship.


HC Vardar PRO- HC Metalurg 20:21 (6:11)

HC Vardar PRO: Milic, Daskalovski, Lazovic 1, Markoski, Stoilov 3, Nedanovski, Pribak 4, Dragash 1, Rakovic 1, Petric , Jovcevski, Markovic 3, Lazarov, Karacic 2, Rajkovic 4 and Abutovic.      Penalties: 3/5.       Suspenions: 6 minutes.

HC Metalurg: Stanic (11 saves +penalty), Mitrevski, Rakcevic 3, Levov, Dimovski 1, Vugrinec 4, Georgievski 1, Mirkulovski 3, Markoski, Z. Mojsoski, Doder 3, Batinovic 3, Jonovski, Mandic, Alushovski 2 and Korazija 1.      Penalties: 1/1.     Suspensions: 14 minutes. Red card: Mirkulovski (3×2 minutes).

Judges: Krkacev Sasho and Kolevski Gjoko from Skopje

Delegacy: Nikolovski Aco and Kamshevski Dushko from Skopje.

Photos owned by “Nova Makedonija”

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