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Metalurg has lost on the final match in the Macedonian Cup and did not manage to unite both national titles. We have lost with the result 28:30 (11:14) in a highly dramatic match filled with a lot of tension on several occasions.

Our players had a good start on the match and through the goals of Cindric and Vugrinec we took the lead with 2:0. Vardar scored their first goal in the 6-th minute through Karacic, and then Dibirov equaled the score. Metalurg scored again two goals in a series for 4:2 which was actually our last lead on this match. Then, we had a really bad period in the game when our opponent put through a series of 6:0, 4:8. Additionally, we were punished with the suspension of Georgievski, and later with the suspension of Velko Markoski.

The first sparks of anger appeared in this part of the match. The players of both teams were furious with the referees from Bitola, because first they disallowed Georgievski’s goal which was “from goal to goal” score and this caused a fierce reaction by all Metalurg’s players, and two minutes later they awarded Mirkulovski with a penalty shot after which Brumen got a two-minute suspension, because he reacted in an improper way. First, Vugrinec scored from the penalty line, and then Vardar organized a naïve attack with a marked-player, so Manaskov got an opportunity to shoot towards an empty goal for 10:8. In the last seconds of the first half of the match, there was another incident when Metalurg was awarded with a new attack, but Cipurin deliberately held the ball, so that Metalurg could not organize the attack. Velko Markoski reacted on this issue, but everyone was surprised by the referees’ decision when both Markoski and Cipurin received a two-minute suspension. The first half of the match ended with the result 14:11.

Again we had a bad start in the second half of the match when at one moment, Vardar was leading with an advantage of five goals, 17:12. It seemed as this enraged our players who started playing tougher in the defense, and on the other hand in the attacks, Borozan, Vugrinec and Mirkulovski were scoring quick goals by reducing Vardar’s advantage to 18:20, and then they equaled the score to 20:20. In this period, our Mitrevski, who went on Metalurg’s goal in the second half of the match, was brilliant on the goal-line. Right in this period, when it seemed that Metalurg had the psychological advantage, again there were incidents in which there were reactions from the players of both teams. First, Metalurg protested, because Mirkulovski got a two-minute suspension out of the blue, and then both teams protested, because both Karacic and Vugrinec got suspended. Vardar used the advantage of one player more on the court and quickly returned the goal-margin they had had in the first half of the match, 21:24. It was critical in the last six minutes of the match, when Vardar was leading with 23:27, so Cervar had to call a time-out. Right after that, in just two minutes, we managed to score three goals for 26:27, and after Mitrevski saved the sitters of Pribak and Dibirov, Vugrinec equaled the score, 27:27. Metalurg’s bench reacted last time when in the crucial moments of the match there was an offensive foul for Vanco Dimovski in a situation which was often seen during the whole match in front of both Vardar and Metalurg’s goals, but there were no sanctions at all. Vardar did not take this into account and through Cipurin, they increased to 29:27, and then there followed Mirkulovski’s quick action, and right after that, Dibirov scored the last goal on the match for 28:30 by bringing huge joy among Vardar’s players.

HC Vardar – HC Metalurg 30:28 (14:11)

HC Vardar: Angelov, Milic, Daskaloski, Nedanovski, Pribak 2, Toskic 1, Rakovic, Markovic, Karacic 4, Dujshebaev 6, Lazarov, Terzic, Dibirov 8, Kukoski, Brumen 7, and Cupurin 2.       Seven metre throws: 3/6.             Suspension: 8 minutes.

HC Metalurg: Stanic, Mitrevski, Ojleski 4, Dimovski, Vugrinec 7, Georgievski 3, Manaskov 3, Mirkulovski 5, V. Markoski 1, N. Markoski, Mojsoski, Atman 1, Cindric 2, Kedzo, Jonovski, and Borozan 2.           Seven metre throws: 4/6.     Suspension: 10 minutes.

Referees: Dimitar Mitrevski and Blagojce Todorovski from Bitola.

Delegates: Dusko Kamisevski and Kamer Metalari from Skopje.


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