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HC Metalurg has defeated HC Tinex Prolet in the semi-finals of the Macedonian Cup and has ensured another place in the final of this competition. HC Metalurg has won with a result 24:20 (10:9), although it seems rather modest, having in mind the previous match, but still it was quite enough for the final.

Today’s match was marked by an equal fight during most part of it. HC Metalurg was constantly leading, but HC Tinex Prolet would always find a way to get back in the game. We had the highest advantage in the last ten minutes of the first half, when the score-board showed 10:7 in our favour, but we went on a half-time break with a minimal advantage, 10:9.

We had a good start in the second half and in the 38-th minute we took the lead with an advantage of four goals, 15:11, but after five minutes, HC Tinex Prolet again reduced the advantage, but this time to just one goal, 16:15.

However, in the last 15 minutes, Cervar managed to form a solid defense and HC Metalurg finally broke the tough HC Tinex Prolet, for final 24:20.

HC Tinex Prolet – HC Metalurg 20:24 (9:10)

HC Tinex Prolet: Kimevski, Korunovski, Petrovski, Ognjanovski, Nikolovski, Majnov 3, Rolevski 1, Jovanovski, Trajkovski, Damcevski, Dimkovski, Dimitrievski 7, Apostolovski 1, Krstevski 1, Andonovski 5, and Stojanovski 2.      Seven metre throws: 2/5.        Suspension: 8 minutes.

HC Metalurg: Efendic, Misovski, Golubovic, Ojleski 3, Bojan Madzovski, Kosteski, Manaskov, Buvinic 4, Kukoski, Krstevski, Taleski 4, Vojvodic 3, Pesevski 2, Djukic 5, Vrgoc, and Stojanovic 3.           Seven metre throws: 4/5.        Suspension: 8 minutes.

Referees: Dimitar Mitrevski and Blagojce Todorovski from Bitola.

Delegates: Metalari/Vasilev.

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