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HC Metalurg with a defeat finished the difficult tour in which three matches were completed in three different countries in just one week. Yesterday, we were defeated by RK Borac B. L., with a result 27:21 (14:9).

On this match, too, our biggest problem was the lack of coordination in our game which was due to the large number of new players who are not yet incorporated in the team. It was evident in the attacks where none of the planned actions were performed and the passes of the ball were not fluent, but there were also problems in the defense, which Lino Cervar always prefers, i.e. it did not function at all today. The most promising thing is the talent of HC Metalurg’s young team which has quite enough time to improve itself before the beginning of the play-offs in the Macedonian championship, of course with the help of Taleski and Neloski.

RK Borac B. L. definitely deserved to add three more points to its account, especially because it was leading during the whole match and on few occasions even with an advantage of eight goals.

Our opponent quite easily acquired a decent advantage and was leading with 5:2 even in the 10-th minute. This advantage increased to 5 goals until the end of the first half, 14:9.

Our team had a good start in the second half and it reduced the advantage to three goals in the 39-th minute, 13:16. But, a few beginners’ mistakes opened the way for the opponent to make a series of 4:0 and then we lost all our chance for a comeback. We lost the match with a result 27:21.

A lot of fans will be let down by this defeat, but Lino Cervar had already mentioned few times before that there were going to be defeats and that the team had to go through a lot of hardships in order to form its true character.

HC Metalurg is leaving for Skopje this evening.

RK Borac B. L. – HC Metalurg 27:21 (14:9)

RK Borac B. L.: Jokanovic (10 saves), Abadzic (5 saves), Husic, Jankovic 3, Hercegovac, Vujovic 4, Tesic, Djuric, Mikic 3, Njezic, Obradovic 1, Trivundza 2, Celic, Ceranic 1, Djukic 5, and Nikolic 8.        Seven metre throws: 2/4.             Suspension: 4 minutes.

HC Metalurg: Efendic (7 saves + 2 seven metre throws), Misovski (5 saves), Golubovic 3, Ojleski 1, Bojan Madzovski, Kosteski 2, Manaskov 2, Buvinic, Krstevski 1, Borjan Madzovski, Vojvodic 5, Pesevski 2, Djukic, Vrgoc 2, and Stojanovic 3.     Seven metre throws: 1/1.        Suspension: 2 minutes.



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