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Today was played the third round postponed match of the Macedonian super league between teams of Metalurg and Pelister. Metalurg fought out a routine victory with result 35:19 (16:12).

The beginning of the match was controlled by the visiting team from Bitola. Metalurg led with 1:0 but the visitors leveled the result first and later turned out in their favor. Pelister led with two-goal advantage twice, 3:5 (10th minute) and 5:7 (12th minute). Still, Metalurg started playing more engaged in first part’s second half hence in 16th minute had an advantage which preserved it till the end. Halftime finished with result 16:12.


Everything fell into place during the second part. Metalurg speed up the game and started filling Pelister’s goal. As our advantage got bigger, the moral of the visiting handballers was getting lower. In the 34th minute it was 19:13 and in 42nd, 24:25. Then it followed our series of 6:0 for 30:15. Match ended with result 35:19.


Metalurg played the first halftime unmotivated but really solid the second halftime. To sum up, a new win of our champion and three new points on our account. On the match, besides the previously injured handballer, we played without Naumce Mojsovski, Mirkulovski and Rakcevic.

This match was a wonderful show for veteran Alushovski scoring 9 goals.


HC Metalurg- HC Pelister 08 35:19 (16:12)

HC Metalurg: Staniс (10 saves +2 penalties), Mitrevski (3 saves + a penalty), Lеvov 1, Dimovski 6, Vugrinec 1, Naumovski, Georgievski, Markoski, Z. Mojsoski 2, Doder 5, Batinoviс 3, Jonovski, Мandiс 4, Alushovski 9 and Korazia 4. Penalties: 2/5. Suspensions: 2 minutes.

HC Pelister 08: Neckov, Ilievski 1, Kostovski 3, Angelovski 7, Garevski 1, Curlevski 1, Najdovski, Todorovski, Drogrishki 1, Dimitrovski 2, Kuzmanovski 3, Ivanovski and Bozinovski. Penalties: 3/6. Suspensions: 2 minutes.

Judges: Kurtoviс Cane and Georgievski Mitko from Skopje.

Delegacy: Nacevski Dragan from Skopje

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