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HC Metalurg’s youth team returned with “spoils” from Strumica. The host HC Zomimak M was outplayed with a result 29:23 (10:9).

Our youth team, which is actually a cadet team according to the age of the players, previously celebrated a victory with 61 goals in the cadet championship and now won routinely in Strumica.

The first half of the match was marked by an equal fight which was evident from the outcome after the first 30 minutes of the game. The home team initially took the lead and controlled the result in the first ten minutes, but then HC Metalurg overtook the lead with 4:3 and kept it until the end of the match.

The second half only confirmed the difference in quality between both teams, and HC Metalurg added another points to its account.

HC Zomimak M – HC Metalurg 23:29 (9:10)

HC Zomimak M: Ristov, Nakov 8, Silinov, Stojanov 3, Angelov, S. Stojanov 6, Tasev 5, Mastev, Micev, Gjorgiev, Tanev, Terziev 1, Bozinovski, A. Tasev, Stojkov, and Kantardziev.
Seven metre throws: 4/4.        Suspension: 2 minutes.

HC Metalurg: Blazevski, Petkovski, Donevski 1, Redzic, Sulevski, Zdravkovski 5, Dimitrioski 7, Ilievski 4, Stojmenov 1, Silegov 6, Lembanov, Tankoski 5, Smilevski, and Lazarevski.            Seven metre throws: 2/2.             Suspension: 2 minutes.

Referees: Andrej Andonov and Ivan Jovanov from Radovis.

Delegate: Zivko Andonov from Radovis.


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