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Today at Avtokomanda Hall, HC Metalurg’s youth team defeated their peers from RK Rabotnicki, with a result 36:25 (12:12), and has kept the winning streak which involves a 100 per cent efficiency.

The first half was marked by an equal fight, but RK Rabotnicki controlled the result. At the end of the first half, HC Metalurg made a turnover and took the lead with an advantage of two goals, 11:9, but both teams went on a half-time break with a tie, 12:12.

In the second half of the match, things started falling in their right place. HC Metalurg changed into second gear and by the end of the match created a huge advantage of 11 goals.

The best scorers in our squad were Silegov (8), Zdravkovski (7) and Tankoski (7). But, the best scorer on the match was Nikolovski from RK Rabotnicki with 11 goals.

HC Metalurg – RK Rabotnicki 36:25 (12:12)

HC Metalurg: Petkovski, Blazevski, Donevski, Redzic, Sulevski 1, Stojkovski 4, Zdravkovski 7, Ilievski 4, Stojmenov 2, Silegov 8, Lembanov, Tankoski 7, Smilevski 1, Mitrevski, Lazarevski 1, and Bekjarovski 1.                         Seven metre throws: 5/6.
Suspension: 8 minutes.

RK Rabotnicki: Siklevski, Jovcevski, Sadikovic, Jovanovski, Zizoski, Stankoski, Nikolovski, Janevski, Jovevski, Isajlovski, Bunevski, Angelovski, Ordanoski, Gjorgjievski, Blazevski, and Apostolovski.             Seven metre throws: 2/4.        Suspension: 12 minutes.
Red card: Gjorgjievski (32 minute)

Referees: Mirko Trajkovski and Aleksandar Vukasinovski from Skopje.

Delegate: Mamer Rexhepi from Skopje.

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