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In “Avtokomanda” Hall, HC Metalurg’s youth team defeated RK Kumanovo, with a result 40:32 (18:16).

The guest team from Kumanovo put a lot of efforts in fighting against our team. The guests took the lead with 2:0, but then HC Metalurg’s fast-breaks started working, so in the 5-th minute, we took over the lead and kept it until the end of the match. Although there were occasions when we were leading with an advantage of five goals, still the opponent managed to get back in the game, so we finished the first half of the match with an advantage of two goals, 18:16.

Our quality and the better physical shape marked the second half, so we easily acquired an unattainable advantage which at the end was +8, 40:32.

RK Metalurg – RK Kumanovo 40:32 (18:16)

RK Metalurg: Blazevski, Petkovski, Donevski, Redzic 1, Sulevski 1, Zdravkovski 1, Dimitrioski 12, Ilievski 6, Silegov 9, Lembanov 1, Tankoski 5, Mitrevski 1, Lazarevski 2, and Bekjarovski 1.

RK Kumanovo: Dimkovski 15, Atanasovski 2, Petrusevski 4, Cvetkovski 4, Klekovski 4, Arangelovski 1, Petrovski, Kazimovski, Georgievski, Nojkovski, Jakimovski, Stojmanovski, Cvetkovski, and Kostovski 2.

Referees: Ismail Metalari and Nenad Nikolovski from Skopje.

Delegate: Mamer Rexhepi from Skopje.

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